The 90s

The 90's was that 10 year period after the 80's and before the world was supposed to end. It is widely remembered as a "filler" decade

This show was a parody of the 90's, made in the 90's

Just The Facts

  1. The 90's was that ten year period before the 80's
  2. Several unimportant wars happened
  3. Nobody has ever said "Anyone ever miss the 90's?"

Major Events of the 90's

In America, the 1990's was that hangover period that we suffered after the 80's, and because of it, nobody really associates any terms or events with the entire decade. But things did happen at home and abroad, which is why I am here, to let you guys remember what shit went down.

The Gulf War- Some of you may have heard about this conflict, but most of you know that it was not important enough to have a major blockbuster movie made about it, therefore it was not that important. What sparked the war was a man by the name of Saddam Hussein (I think he leads some sort of club now). Anyway, he blamed Kuwait for driving up oil prices, he invades, America is like "HELL NO" Invades Kuwait to get rid of the Iraq army, and did it in four days.

Oklahoma City Bombing- Turns out, there were terrorist attacks before 9/11, several in fact, and none of them were committed by brown people, which goes against everything I have ever learned. Anyway, the Oklahoma City bombing happened in 1995, and it bombed a federal building in, well, Oklahoma City. It killed 168 people, and the man who was suspected of the crime did it because he was trying to get revenge for the Waco Massacre of 1993.

Bill Clinton Scandal- Bill Clinton, whether you agree with his politcal policies had one of the greatest scandals to grace our nation since Nixon. Eseentially, Clinton was accused, and was caught having relations with Monica Lewinsky, a intern at the time. The problem was not the fact that he boned a intern, that actually made him look cooler. The problem is that he was caught lying to the nation when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that young girl", and then the next day being caught having sexual relations with that young girl. The House or Representatives impeached him (which means they fired him and sent him packing with a box to pack up his things). He was acquitted by the senate and he finished his second term.

Other Events of the 90's

Britain gives Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China on July 1, 1997 (smart move)

Czechoslovakia becomes the Czech Republic and Slovakia (There marriage could have never lasted)

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia

Nelson Mandela was released from jail for political crimes which consisted of being black and liking it

Slang of the 90's

Every decade has those words that define the generation, most of them suck, and the 90's is no exception. Here is a list of popular 90's slang terms, and there not so important meanings.

Dip- Verb: To leave. Example: Holy shit she's dead, lets dip!

Aiiiggghhhttt- A really obnoxious way of saying, "alright my good fellow"

All that and a bag of chips- A strange way of saying that you are everything in a world, including a salty snack treat

Back in the Day- a term that was talking about the early 70's, but is used today to talk about how they used it in the 90's

Bones- It means money, or actual bones, figure it out based on context

Boo Ya- Means awesomeness has just happend

Bounce- Lave in a overstated way.

Shwing- When someone sees a hot female, the person would yell "SHWING!" while furiously dry humping the air. Scholars speculate that this used to be a old 90's mating ritual that never ended with mating.

Wangsta- Someone who tries to be gangster, but fails miserably at it, (Most white people)


There is one even that the 90's is really known for, and that event is the end of the 90's. You see, when the 90's ended, people freaked out because computers were starting to become "mainstream" in most places, and all computers kept the year on them for data sorting. Up to this point, the year had always been in two digit format (like 97,98,99.) but problems arised when they realized that it would be set back to 00 when the new year came. Because of this, many people thought all the computers in the world would crash, so major corporations spent Millions of dollars trying to upgrade there system to put two additional numbers in front to make it the full year. The thing is, not one reported computer error happened that we know of. People realized that the government, who funded most of the Y2k fixes, just wasted shit tones of money