George Costanza

George Costanza was a character in Seinfeld. He was not a real person, but many of his characteristics and actions were based on executive producer Larry David. George is portrayed by Jason Alexander.

Usually not this happy for long

HIs best insult. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

Costanza seen with the infamous apathy gang.

Just The Facts

  1. George is very cheap, resulting in his ability to go long periods without employment. This ability is only rivalved by Cosmo Kramer.
  2. He has pretended to have many varied jobs, such as architect and marine biologist.
  3. He has genius level intelligance, but decides to commit most of his brain power to attempting to obtain sex.


Georges parents are insane. His father, an Italian american, Frank, was a cook in the army, then an international salesman; he supposedly can speak korean.It is unknown whether he knew Frank Barone.He invented Festivus, an alternative holiday where people are reminded of what they did wrong. His mother was a stay at home mom.Their constant bickering annoys George to a great extent, and it is commonly mentioned that they are a main cause of his unhappiness and problems in life. He attempts to get them to move to Florida, but to no avail. George may have a brother, although he is never shown in the show.

Physical characteristics

George is bald and below average height. He wears glasses and is refered to by Elaine Benes as "stocky", which means "chubby."


George is neurotic and eccentric. He is constantly scheming and lying to accomplish things. These lies usually got him deeper in trouble however. He isn't religious, but appears to believe that God interacts in his life in negative ways. For example, he once said, God can't allow him to be happy. He is very good at pretending to work.