A peach is the soft juicy fruit of this tree, having yellow flesh, downy, red-tinted yellow skin, and a deeply sculptured stone containing a single seed. And fucking delicious.

This is a peach.

This is also a Peach.

Georgia is the Peach State

Just The Facts

  1. Peaches are fuzzy nectarines.
  2. Peaches are not the same color as the peach crayon.
  3. Peaches are amazing.

The History of Peaches

Peaches originated from China since the early days of Chinese cultures. The first record of a peach was 79 AD. They were the favored fruit of kings and royalty. The peach was brought to Europe by Alexander the Great and was brought to the Americas by the Spanish. The first peaches in America were grown by George Minifie in Buckland, Virgina. The only wild peaches are found in China and China remains the largest world producer of peaches.


Peaches can either be freestone or clingstone. Freestone is where where the stone readily twists away from the fruit and is generally used for canning. Clingstone is where the flesh of the fruit clings to the stone and is the kind you find in the grocery store. Both types can be found in both yellow and white varities. The supposedly best type of peaches are pêches de vigne, which are grown in French vineyards and are covered with a grayish down. A medium sized peach contains only 37 calories and has vitamins A, B, and C. Julia Roberts loves peaches.