The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is sort of like Diet United States. Same flavour, not nearly as fattening.

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Just The Facts

  1. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  2. The rest of Ireland have some sort of beef with everyone else and are currently in time-out!
  3. Ask any sensible UK citizen and they'll tell you the UK is full of people from the UK.
  4. Ask Nick Griffin and he'll tell you it's full of immigrants who need to be deported.
  5. The UK gave us America, Ricky Gervais and Fish & Chips. on The United Kingdom

Back in olden times (read:1707), England (which included Wales at the time) and Scotland threw caution to the wind and came together in holy matrimony, a beautiful union that brought about crying, heavy drinking and The United Kingdom. See, way back before then, England and Scotland had their own monarchies, meaning both were known as The Kingdom of England and The Kingdom of Scotland. However, in 1603, James the 6th of Scotland became James the 1st of England, meaning the two countries had joint Royalty. Sort of like joint custody, but if the child was a giant and had mass power over its parents.

Pictured: King James I of England

Over the past 300 years, the United Kingdom's been involved in many of the major shitastrophes that have occured around the world (mainly Europe), including The American Revolution (spawning the Hollywood cliche that all bad guys have posh English accents), The Napoleonic Wars (strange that everyone forgets that France nearly brought Europe to it's knees and continue to call the French cowards) and both World Wars (eagerly awaiting the sequel).

The United Kingdom in illustration form

Summing Up

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