Propaganda is a beautiful and artistic form of media used primarily in times of necessary and dignified war. They use crap-tons of loaded words like that last sentence.

Also sometimes they keep away the crazies. Sometimes.

Just The Facts

  1. Propaganda is a form of media that expresses opinions of the government in such a way that the opinions seem a little more normal
  2. Hitler's speeches in world war 2 are some of the most known forms of propaganda
  3. It's also spelled P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A, not propoganda, like at the top of the page. FOR SHAME TOPIC CLAIM PAGE! FOR SHAME!

Modern eyes on propaganda

Rosie The Riveter.

Miss rosie here is notable for being a long lasting image of the war. And having the biceps of a man while retaining the boobs and beauty of a woman. AND OHMIGAWSH! SHE MUST BE IN A GANG BECAUSE SHE IS WEARING A BANDANA ON HER HEAD! SHE IS POISONING AMERICA'S YOUTH!

How to scar everyone you know:

Not only is this scaring for the many swastikas and boxers of adolf hitler (he seems more of a breif guy), but there is a visible crack. LOOK! IT IS LIKE THE GERMAN GRAND CANYON!

Yay. English people.

Look. It's some english dudes. Under words from Churchill.