Slayer are an american thrash metal band from Hunington Park,CA. They make up 1/4 of "The Big Four" which are the four most recognized bands in the thrash metal scene. Some of Slayers more popular songs are "Raining Blood" & "Angel of Death".

Slayers infamous logo.

Fuck You! Oh yea they play bagpipes.

and theres slayer back in HOLY BALLS KERRY KING HAS HAIR!!!

Just The Facts

  1. If you feel that your brain has turned to shit after listening to Slayer thats perfectly normal.
  2. Slayer has never sold out. Even there shittiest album is awesome!

Tom Araya

Tom Araya is the bassist and the vocalist for slayer. Slayer is so badass that their songs go against his beliefs but he's still in the band...FUCKING METAL!!!!!!

Tom Araya holds the remarkable ability to turn any subject metal. he can sing about a bad date he had where he had failed in porking a lady (if that was possible) and it would be metal. it would become a hit single called "from the depths of her unreachable vagina"

Tom Araya singing about his deep hatred of purity rings. Tom has been known to lean against the grain when it comes to traditional beliefs; and although he is a catholic, much of his songs feature anti-christian lyrics.

Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman's one of the lead guitarists in Slayer. Hes one of the founders and he's the mastermind of "Seasons in the Abyss" & "Angel of Death."

Jeff Hanneman had once allegedly stated that Slayer's music is as loud and aggresive as his sex. Now, we are not sure if that statement was ever said, but fuck, look at him. the man looks like he can barely control himself. Even then i think he's dry humping the guitar during his solo. HIS FACE OOZES SEX.

Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo is the first and best drummer Slayer had. Hes in the running up for "best metal drummer" and he doesn't look very impressive, but fuck it; he'll kick your ass, and your eleven-year old chunky brother who won't shut his face because he can play the intro to hot for teacher and crazy train.

i'll kick your ass, chubby bastard.

Kerry King!!!

Kerry Kng is anoher one of the founding members of Slayer and the seond lead guitarist. This guys guitar work will blow your face off! this guy is what made baldness both metal and horribly terrifying.. If your sitting with a person next to you and you just got shivers down your spine, then Kerry King just took a shit.

Kerry King is so butt-fuckingly awesome, he even made being valedictorian metal.

seriously, this guy was a valedictorian. his main subject was fire torture.




the band is so awesome they literally have to bathe themselves in period vagina blood in order to humiliate themselves enough to go onstage and play rather than beat the crowd senseless with their instruments they know from expirience. but i think this only makes them even more badass.

they make menstro-blood FUCKING METAL.

THE rumor

Fuck i'll get straight to it

THE BIG FOUR MIGHT TOUR TOGETHER!!!!This is what happens to most people after reading this

So when a mormon on a bike asks you if youve heard the good news tell him "Fuck yeah man!! SLAYYYERRR!!!! METALLICA!!! MEGADETH!!!! ANTHRAX!!!!.....and SLAYER!!!!!"