Evil Republicans

What is a Evil Rebuplican, pretty much 99% of them are evil conservative white people who think they rule the world.

Hey look it's a republican. Looks like a giant dick, they are giant dicks. Don't touch it the facism may where off.

Truer than the real Jesus.

Hey isn't this that poor pussy Glenn Beck that all the Republicans listen to and obey like the Germans did Hitler.

Just The Facts

  1. Republicans are Homophobic,racist,over religous,hypocrites,sexist,anti-abortion,anti-freedom gun trotting assholes.
  2. Almost every republican is a white lower to middle class undereducated person from the south,meaning a majority of them range from stupid to dumbfuck stupid.
  3. Republicans love ''America". Everytime they see an american flag they jizz their pants. They have to put American flags and stickerssaying "I love America everywhere.'
  4. Republicans love their Consitutional rights. Freedom of speech,religon,assembly etc. Then why do they hate other peoples religon and try to stop them from practicing it and not letting people have freedom of speech unless they approve of it.

They evils of conservatism.

Ah, Republicans the shit of America. People wonder why other countries hate us so much, Republicans. Our last president Bush who fucked up this country moren than it ever was, lets take a look at how this man stuck his thumb up his asshole.

1. He started a war that didn't need to be fought resulting in billions of dollars in tax money and thousands of people dead on both sides many of them innocent children and civilians.

2. He wanted more drug test in schools, George Bush only was addicted to crack.

3. He cut funding to the Violence Against Women Act, an organazation to protect women from violence and rape.

4. He claimed Homosexuals were " sinners'' and tryed to push a bill to deny partnerships and rights to them.

5. He set more executions as a governor in American history, 152 some of whom were disabled.

The list goes on and on hundreds more...


As you can see it takes just one republican to fuck up a nation, no wonder they love it so much they put all the shit into it. Althrough the republican will never go away, with all their teabagging parties we can still fight the sickness. The values of conservatism are as long as your a rascist son of a bitch asshole who loves the bible it's okay. They believe in individual freedom but when somebody wants to have an abortion they want to tell you no. They believe in freedom of speech but they hate muslims and any other religon. And let's face it they are rascist and homophobic come on you can't deny it. The ultra-conservatism is a never ending whirlpool of shit.