A staple for lyrics in the rap world, shawty be mad trippin'. A shawty is apparently an attractive women, something that went over our heads here at Cracked.

Michelle Obama, First Shawty

A fine example of a shawty, who is probably about to be asked to

Just The Facts

  1. Is a cool way to demean women and get them to hate you at the same time.
  2. Despite all logic, does NOT refer to a child, or to someone who is short.
  3. Rap music does not make any sense at all, and it makes me cry.

Shawty, whatchu think about that?

Valiant attempts from rappers hailing from Atlanta have inducted this word into our language. Originally, this word refers to a kid, or a peron of below-average height, like the word implies. However, over time, the word has inexplicably been changed to be used as a term on endearment for a woman. While most white people have been scratching their heads asking why this word exists, and how it applies to women, black people are secretly using it as a method of reparations.

"Yes, confusing white people...The perfect payback for centuries of slavery."

"Yes, confusing white people...The perfect payback."