Razzie Awards

Finally. An award for my hatred of award shows.

The Award only athletes and supermodels dreamt of...

Just The Facts

  1. It's the Nega-Oscar--- Which is bad for the winner.
  2. Actually called "The Golden Raspberry Award"
  3. It was established in 1980. That's older than the Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

Blowing a Raspberry

It was 1981, in rebuttal for the 53rd Academy Awards, John Wilson stepped forward and started the Golden Raspberry Awards, better known as Razzies. Instead of the usual "Best Actor/Actress" line-up, the public was introduced to a new standard. "Worst of the Worst", "The Best of Head Cheese", "The Razzies"; the nominations were out for the first year. "Can't Stop the Music" (starring the Village People) had seven nominations; sure enough, it would become the first of the worst.

At least we beat out The Jazz Singer... Oh wait....

Granted that John Wilson didn't have the funds to host the ceremony inside the Kodak Theater, a better alternative was presented; Mr. Wilson's Livingroom. With 30 people in attendance, the ceremony kicked off.

2nd Ceremony and Beyond...

By the next show, the party had grown. Now presented at an Oscar Pot-Luck party, "Mommie Dearest" would be considered the next "Anus of a Movie". By the 4th Awards show, it had been expanded to the size of an elementary school, literally. Third Street Elementary School would become the next area for the Razzies; it opened a doorway to the public. By the 6th Awards Ceremony, the Morgan-Wixon Theater allowed for the ceremony to take place and hand out more shameful glory. Surely enough, the Hotel Roosevelt allowed the Raspberry company to hand out the awards there,; it would become the site for 9 more years of Golden Raspberries. Currently, the awards are still handed out in various theaters in Hollywood.