Wecome to Zombocom! This is Zombocom! At Zombocom, anything is possible! The only limitation is you! At Zombocom, the unobtainable is unknown! Welcome to Zombocom! You can do anything at Zombocom, anything at all!

Welcome to Zombocom!

This is Zombocom!

Just The Facts

  1. The website is Zombo.com but you do not say dot when you say it aloud (Zombocom rather than Zombo-dot-com)
  2. Anything is possible at Zombocom.
  3. At Zombocom, the unobtainable is unknown!
  4. At zombocom, the only limitation is you!
  5. You are always greeted warmly at Zombocom.

About Zombocom

Zombocom is a website that greets you very warmly everytime. It consists of a Carribean voice not saying the dot in Zombo.com and a flash image of lights changing colour. A link that doesn't work pops up for an old newsletter. It is possibly a brainwashing website, since after visiting Zombocom I told all my friends and family to go to Zombocom. Anyone that does not love Zombocom is an enemy. Zombocom is the greatest! Simply watch the lights flash and allow the voice to carry you into a greater plane of existance. Visit Zombocom!