Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly ("Furi Kuri"?) is an absolute mindfuck.

Errybody's crazy!

Not entirely sure what this is.

Just The Facts

  1. Fooly Cooly was an anime which aired through 2000-2001
  2. The series comes across as a caffeine rush, acid trip, meth high, and schizophrenia crammed into one clusterfucking sushi roll
  3. Any semblance of a plot is secondary

Cracked on Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly, in many ways, is probably the anime most likely to be watched by the average Cracked reader. It's manic, stupefying, unusual, and it just doesn't give a fuck.

Like this monkey

The series, of course, is from Japan, and can be accurately sold as a WJT (pronounced "widget", as in "Weird Japan Thing"). Now, Cracked has whole pages devoted to how/why Japan is freaky, and this anime is a paragon of Japanese eccentricism, but there is so much goodness in this show that all preconceptions of Japan's modern culture should be checked at the door. It's all worth it. According to one devoted Cracked reader, "It's the only show where I can say the heroine didn't defeat the giant robot because her Rickenbacker bass ran out of shotgun shells."

The Show Itself

Fooly Cooly is purportedly plotless, which is more or less true. Except, there are actually so many plots going on, interweaving with one another but never combining into one cohesive arc. Fooly Cooly is the story of a young boy seeking maturity in an immature world; the story of a high school girl clinging to the memory of a boy who doesn't love her; the story of a woman seeking power with a zeal that would make Ayn Rand multi-cum; the story of a girl trying to escape her father's escapades; the story of a writer torn apart by the death of his wife; the story of a government agent seeking to mask his own immaturity under that of cool reserve and wisdom; the story of an old man dejected by the loss of his star batter. This is all set against a quaint Japanese suburban backdrop, with a few elements of science fiction and meta-narrative thrown in.


Good. Long story short: there's a kid named Naota who gets beat on by a woman with a Rickenbacker Bass.

Bass to the face!

Then robots start popping out of his head, and everything goes to shit. Something about space pirates is mentioned, and the entire series is a metaphor for Naota's maturation, but that mostly means the robots in Naota's head look like dicks.

Naota, discovering the glories of manhood

The show was also made into a manga, but it's different enough from the show that it can be classified as its own thing.

Supreme Awesomeness

Fooly Cooly is not an easy show to watch. It's fast-paced, visceral, surprisingly deep, and has more phallic imagery than a session with Freud.

It makes me feel all tingly inside

Each episode (there are only six, by the way) follows the same basic pattern: seriousness, batshit insanity, a sliver of seriousness, more insanity, exposition(?), epic fight, and some batshit to cap it all off.

Insanity all up in this bitch

But if you can get past all that, it may be the best anime ever made. It's well-animated, gorgeously voiced (one of the few animes where the English dub may be better than the original), perfectly written, has a kickass soundtrack courtesy of The Pillows, and features compelling characters.

Very compelling characters

The Pitch

Take some time to watch Fooly Cooly. With only six episodes in the series, you can watch it in less time than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

All the action, minus the suck!

Also, if you don't, Haruko will come to your house, and probably murder you.

Watch my show motherfucker!