Sci-Fi Movies

The Star Trek Movie that almost didn't end well...

...the Worst Sci-Fi ACTOR of All Shatner

Just The Facts

  1. Director: William Shatner
  2. Producer: Harve Bennett
  3. The Greatest Guy in the Universe: Gene Roddenberry...and Richard Nixon
  4. Profits: $70,000,000 (worldwide)

Star Trek: The Final Frontier

On June 9, 1989 came a Movie so politically incorrect, so awful and so cheesy that you have to wonder if the Producers and Writers were on Cracked Cocaine while making it - that Movie was Star Trek: The Final Frontier...

Seemingly sick of Success and tired of Star Trek as a Whole, Director William Shatner and producer Harve Bennett teamed up in the most epic duo since Starsky and Hutch. Their plan was simple: take down Gene Roddenberry's Creation and somehow piss off and offend Both Atheists and Christians at the same time in one foul swing of the Hollywood SledgeHammer of Dooooom!!

The First Time in History these guys have Agreed on Something...

What was the Drama all about?

One 15 minute Scene Caused so much Drama - now, brace your self...they Blew up...GOD...yes, you read that Correctly. They actually shot a Scene where God was Blown up a Klingon Freaking Bird of Prey being Controlled by Spock no Less. Any other time something being blown up by an Over-grown elf controlling an incredibly powerful machine shaped like a poorly concept bird would be considered awesome, sadly not this time.

People were PMSing all over the world, the first Star Trek Movie to nearly be banned in Several Countries. Many Churches publicly denouncing it as a Piece of Shit, which it was as far a Star Trek Goes but for the reasons that the movie was Blasphemy. God's damnit, Wait! God Really did damn it according to many Priests. Though i do wonder how they found the time to watch movies...especially with so many impure alter boys that must be made pure by magic Priest Juice. Yes, i went there.

I wasn't born until November that Year, but i can predict what the Protests looked Like...

This is Clearly Sunday, and the Priests are using the Movie as an Excuse to escape their Gods Damned Jobs!

Where did the Atheists fit into all of this?

Simple. They Didn't. And that was the Problem.

The Churches in their Infinite Wisdom decided that it was time for another good ol' Atheist Bashing - either the Churches decided that the Jews running the Large Media Corporations were exempt from God's wrath...being his Chosen people and What-not. Or they Decided to use this as perfect excuse to once again insurrection the rising Atheist Groups of the time by spreading Anti-Atheist Slander...claiming they were spreading Anti-Christian Slander. What can you say? Double Standards are a Must. Unlike the 21st Century Trekkers most Star Trek Fans were Christian, where today most are Atheist. So - a Crossroad Was Occurring: Do you go against God and Church and watch a Movie that could send you to hell, or do you break your Addiction to Star Trek and stray to the nearest Church begging God for Mercy.

All that can be said is that the Churches Epically Failed since Star Trek: the Final Frontier went onto take Profits of over 70 Million USD.

The Final Outcome...

Most of the Drama received very low publicity in the USA, why? There was a Gods Damned War going on, a New Star Trek Film Was Released and whole load of other crap that Fox, devil worshipers, but rich ones at that, cared more about that what a bunch of old men in Pink Robes had to say about a Movie.