Scent of a Woman

Thanks to the internet, geeks, teens and priests know pretty much what a woman looks like inside and out. But the internet dosn't provide smell... this is the general summary of what women smell like. I think.

The stinking truth.

Just The Facts

  1. Men think women smell good - wrong.
  2. Women are a female version of men. Including smell.
  3. Body odour comes from women too...

My experience and view.

Going to a co-ed school means I have the pleasure of going to jail - I mean school with the opposite sex. I sit next to girls alot. Me likey. They're pretty... anway I use my senses to study the girls - vividily. Taste nice, look nice, feel nice, sound nice. Smell? That's harder to study. As you know, I have spent more than 5 minutes on a computer meaning I have no girlfiend. And my mum isn't exactly a case study. So, this topic I accidentaly clicked was going to be a hard one. Now, as you are nerds and don't have enough money for water, you know when you don't shower your armpits smell worse than swiss cheese on a hot sidewalk. Well the same happens to women.

You see, if you have the sense to know that a woman shares the same bodily features that men do. They have stomachs - we do. They have hearts - except my mother... so that means they have body odour as well as we do. Of course it's fine if they were deodarant.