Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy - effective or pure, unadulterated bullshit?

That looks safe

So what is this bullshit?

This is the one I really want to use, having a personal interest, but may not work. Relying on the idea of water memory and highly dilute poisons, it is pseudoscience at it's worst. And it kills people.

It's not just herbs. Just about anything can be put in a homeopathic remedy. My sister in law is a homeopath and she told me about how they sometimes use extractions from diseased individuals. As wikipedia puts it:

Homeopaths also use treatments called nosodes (from the Greek nosos, disease) made from diseased or pathological products such as fecal, urinary, and respiratory discharges, blood, and tissue.[48]


Also you might want to put in something about people taking

homeopathic remedies for malaria

. Who would have thought that a disease that kills 1 million people every year could be prevented by taking sugar pills? Oh yeah, stupid people. Thanks prof!