The ESRB is a non-profit agency that assigns ratings to video games. The main ratings are eC early childhood, E everyone 6 + ,E10 everyone 10 +,Teen 13+, Mature 17+, and the infamous Adult 18+

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Just The Facts

  1. The main reason the ESRB was created in 1994 was because of the public backlash to the now tame in these days standards SNES Mortal Kombat violence.
  2. The people who rate the games are usally parents,teachers or child psychologist.
  3. Three people are asigned to review that game,they neveractually play the game from beginning to end and just watch clips of the game.
  4. They are responsible for you not getting Call of Duty: Black Ops since your 13 and you have to be 17 to get it.
  5. It is not actually illegal to buy an M rated video game, it's just the retailers choice cause they don't want to deal with bitchy soccer moms.

The ESRB and the evil that follows.

The ESRB which stands for ''Entertainment Software Rating Board'' asigns age ratings to video games. They are responsible for not letting you getany of the cool video games because these are the assholes who give an M rating and the retailer bows down and listens to them not to sell you an M game if you are under 17. These old white republican fuckers are responsible for you not getting Grand Theft Auto if you are under 17. Little do these people know nobody pays attention to them cause every kid over 4 has played Call of Duty and owns God of War or Resident Evil etc. If your parents don't actually let you plat M games cause there little bitchers you can always play one of your older siblings or just go to a friends house.

The Main Problem.

The main problem with the ESRB is there strange and inconsistent. They may assign a game an M rating for blood and violence but assign a Teen game for blood,violence,language,sexual themes,partial nudity. They must figure that a game that contains some violence and blood is off limits but it's okay if theres language sex and nudity. This system controls how video games are made because a publisher is willing to cut out blood for a teen audience. There is also the rare A 18+ rating that is only assigned to games that have extreme violence or expicit sexual content.