Scarface is a 1983 epic crime drama and tells the story of a fictional Cuban refugee, Tony Montana, who comes to Florida in 1980. Montana becomes a drug kingpin and gangster while rising to the top of the Miami criminal underworld.

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Just The Facts

  1. The word "fuck" and it's derivatives is used a whooping 226 times for an average of 1.32 fucks per minute.
  2. Steven Spielberg visited the set and helped to direct one shot. It is a brief shot of the Bolivians in the final shootout at Tony's mansion
  3. The international corporation set up by Saddam Hussein to launder money from his various enterprises was called Montana Management.
  4. Don't get high on your own supply.

Scarface and Gangsta Rap

The film is widely-acclaimed especially in gangsta rap due to the hustlin', drug use, shoot-outs and all around bad-assery. Could you imagine Nirvana doing a song about Scarface? Yeah, neither could we. Many rappers have paid homage to the guy they are trying to act like. Even P. Daddy (Wtf is it now?) claims this is his favorite movie. He's just trying to act tough we all know it's Steel Magnolias. It is also the inspiration for douchebag wiggers trying to be black everywhere

Scarface and Video games

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has some levels that are right out of the script. Theres the infamous bloody bathroom with chainsaw you can use as a weapon. Then the Malibu Club which is the Babylon Club. Even Grand Theft Auto thought Scarface was so kick-ass the last level was pretty much the same as the last gunfight in Tony's house. Minus the death at the end.

There have been 2 licensed Scarface games that pick up right after the movie. Sequels if you will. Even though the man character (Tony) dies at the end.


Scarface was the story of the American Dream through extreme violence as depicted by Oliver Stone, directed by Brian De Palma, and stars Al Pacino, as a guy who really wants an Academy Award. Its about a Cuban refugee who takes the banana boat to the Florida in hopes of a better life. While there he finds something called cocaine and starts hustling the shit out of it. In one 3-minute montage he goes from kinda wealthy to balls-out, owning tigers rich. There is also Skelator playing his love interest. Many people want him dead from the feds to his boss to rival drug dealers. He rises to te top to find out it's lonely up there. Especially if you are a paranoid coke fiend and stop trusting your friends. He reaches a low point when he finds out his best friend is boning his little sister and flips out killing his buddy. It just goes to show you if the girl you fancy has a tweeker older brother with a short temper who also happens to be your best friend to just let it go. Shit hits the fan when his former boss Sosa sends a hit squad to kill him. 300 bullets and 500 grams of cocaine later Tony dies under a statue with the inscription "The World is yours"