A contraceptive is a device you use so you don't get pregnant or knocked up. There are many forms of contraceptives. Many of you will be familiar with Mr. Rubber.

He's your only cover.

Brings back memories of 10th grade family life and the smell of latex.

Condoms for hipsters. They don't use them they just carry them around and trade them like Pokemon cards.

Just The Facts

  1. In ancient India they used vaginial suppositories made of honey and rock salt. It also gives flavor to oral.
  2. The female condom is a large plastic cavity that you stick in you vaginia instead of porking her with you plastic lightsaber.
  3. There are many different types of condoms including glow in the dark. Makes having sex with ghost easy.
  4. When cleaning the evidence its best to flush the condom down the toliet,but make sure it dosen't over flow cause no one wants to clean up jizzy toliet water.And don't let the dog drink outta the toliet you wouldn't want the dog to get genital herpes of the mouth.

Rubbers and more.

Ahh a mans best friend,contraceptives. The adolescent bot going of to but his first box of trojan's, and also he buys for some damn reason magnums to the first smell of latex in the backseat of your friends car. Contraceptives truly make the world and the bed go round. Most people aren't aware that other forms of contraception exsist such as the female condom, vag sponge,Plan B,hermone implant device and um not having sex...but nobody does that.

You don't have to be any age to buy condoms but you gotta be 17 to get Plan B cause we live in fucky weird America. The sponge of copper cap is inserted in the back of the vaginia to block sperm from getting to the uterus and fertilizing the egg, it sounds painful but no this ISNT'T BDSM perverts. Condoms come in many shape sizes textuers and hee hee hee flavors. Back in the day a condom was a condom and you had to be 18 and married to buy them.