Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a anime kids show that ran in the '90s. At least, we think it's a kid's show...

Pretty much

Just The Facts

  1. Notably the most popular and addicting series to come from Japan, with 200 Japanese episodes (182 in English) on TV, 18 books, 25 musicials, and three movies. This covers the show.
  2. There are ten Sailors, named after 8 planets and moon as well as a chibi moon.
  3. Every guy is either a dick or a nerd, with little-to-no exceptions.
  4. This show should not be watched at night without headphones whilst still living with your parents. The author learned this first hand.

Just the Weirdness (And the Story, too)

Based off the popular comic book series "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", Sailor Moon (real name apparently "Serena") was pretty much every grade-school girl's favorite show. Why? Because half the time they're talking about cute boys, shopping, and being famous. And the other half consists of, well, crying.

And making this face.
And making this face.

Her friends are about as whiney and mindless as she is. The exception is what seems to be the only guy in the school, Melvin. And, being the world of Sailor Moon, the guy is a socially awkward nerd. And a stalker, which needs to be mentioned.

I took these while your were undressing.
"Here's some pictures of you showering."

But, despite being a complete wimp/priss, Serena had freaking super powers. Which are pretty much useless, seeing as she doesn't do much else as Sailor Moon. Even after the cat "Luna" gives her pep talks, every episode it seems she's saved by "Tuxedo Mask." Or, in layman's terms: she always needs saving.

quite often
This happens often.

But that apparently didn't keep the girls away! Watching the pretty girls fighting evil-doers kept them glued to the tube. The unfortunate older brothers having to sit through this while waiting for Dragonball Z were treated to what can only be said as their first strip show.

I really wish I was kidding.

Sexual Subtlety (Minus the Subtle)

Where do I begin.

The Transformation Scenes

These ones
Japanese Censorship

Anytime that they were in danger, any of the sailors could use the mighty pens and say some really silly catchphrase. Within 30 seconds, the Sailors change out of their school sailor uniforms into...well, sailor uniforms.


Freeze frame at any point, and you'll get some very, very weird thoughts in your head. With the, you know, addition of being completely undressed and exposed in all their girly wonder. Several boys, including the band Bare Naked Ladies, like them a little too much.

Boom Anime Babes, all you have to do is freeze frame
Boom Anime babes, all you need is freeze frame.


As with all standard girl anime, the girls can change only with the help of a relic that the damn cat can make appear from out of nowhere. The same some silly catch phrase and change into their sailors. Now, look at the pen.


As a kid, you can't see it. But as an adult, you question how this went by unnoticed. This pen actually changes Sailor Moon into other people. Yes, they all wear skirts, too.

The Lesbian Sailors

Coming out (literally) in the 90th episode, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are lesbians.

Wait, REALLY?!
Hell freakin' yes!

However, the English dubbed version has the characters played low key. What do I mean?
They're cousins.

This doesn't work with what a kid's show is supposed to display, and they do their best to cover this up. However, flirting with each other and getting close is kind of hard to cover up. No doubt this made girls like girls, thus making guys very happy.

They're just close cousins...REALLY close...
It's ok, they're just close cousins...really close...

The Popularity (Of Unrealistic Expectations)

Oh Sweet Jesus...
Oh Sweet Jesus...

As with anything that we grew up with, some people will just not let it go and thus it still remains popular. Anime conventions are filled to the brim with many, many cosplayers dressed as the man moons (sadly). They all still have the hopes and dreams that some guy in a tuxedo and a mask (strangely called simply by that) will take her away.

It's not necessarily a bad thing as much as something that some people over-obsess greatly with. But there isn't anything out there THAT bad...right...?

aww fuck
Ah, shit.