The United States Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps is one of the 7 uniformed branches of The United States military . It is number 1 of those 7. Despite not being founded 1st quite an accomplishment don't you think?

The USMC logo.They stole the eagle from the Air force, The anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the army. Then the took the world.

I wouldn't want them to invade my contry either. Especially since they do this. (next picture)

See now would you welcome people who do this into your country?

Just The Facts

  1. The Marine motto is "Semper Fidelis" or Always Faithful in Latin.
  2. Often called Devil dogs,leathernecks,or Jar heads. call on somthing offensive and see what happens.
  3. The Average Marine knows over 903 ways to kill you.
  4. Part of the Department of the Navy, but a seperate branch.
  5. Marines never lose. [citation needed]

A summary of the Marine corps.

Captain Samuel Nicholas formed two battalions of Continental Marines on 10 November 1775 in Philadelphia as naval infantry. Meaning they fought on Naval vessels out on the ocean. Imagine a pirate battle in the movies, except this was real and they're was less sarcastic remarks or funny observations. the Marines we're serious about this ship to ship combat. They gained a reputation as unstoppable and ships full of Marines were sent with allie vessels for protection. The US Marines became feared for they're ruthless nature.

The Marines over time became more infamous around the world . They were considered the branch with the best uniform, the best morals, and the best fighting men. Unlike the Navy which is usually know for they most effeminate men. Or the Coast guard because what do they do anyways? The USMC developed over years into the Few and the proud it is today. Its rigorous 13 week training regime, coupled with intense discipline molds the worlds best fighting force. (Apparently I have a hard on for the Marines) The Marines are known for they're discipline, respect and character. While they may be respectful and fine fellows you might think differently in front of the muzzle of an M-16.

What Marines do.

Famous Marines.