Nanny Dickering

Nanny Dickering was CRACKED Magazine's OTHER mascot/recurring character. Unlike Sylvester P. Smythe, we think she deserves another look for some reason. Or rather, two reasons.

You already know which two reasons we're talking about.

Just The Facts

  1. At one point, the character was performed (and photographed as such) live by Playboy Playmate (and ex of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler) Bebe Buell.
  2. Do we need another reason to make this topic interesting?
  3. Do we need to mention that Bebe Buell is Liv Tyler's mom?

Not Quite Sure Why She's Cracked's Second Most Popular Mascot.

Originally drawn by John Severin, Nanny was later drawn by legendary cheesecake artist Bill Ward. It's pretty obvious she's based on pioneering reporter turned documentarian Nancy Dickerson. Yeah, she was an exploitative character, but by the standards of the the time having a leggy blonde as a competent and distinguished journalist capable of tearing down all the horrible strawmen boogeymen of various smarmy cigar-smoking industry fatcats was almost kinda progressive. So good on Cracked.

Oh, also she had HUGE boobs.