Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighters are famous fire instruments that are known for there ability to hold a flame no matter what.

That is the fucking Butane Zippo. That is a arsons best friend.

When I googled Zippo this is what showed up, so I thought

Just The Facts

  1. All of them are made in America
  2. Its impossible not to look badass when holding a Zippo
  3. There are only 50 of them, but because of there durability they have just circulated among the population


The man who created the Zippo lighter was a man by the name of George G. Blaisdell in 1932 and produced the very first lighter in 1933. He got the name Zippo because, and this is actually a true fact, he liked the sound of the word zipper, but thought that it was to "mainstream", so he went with Zippo. This man may have single handedly started the hippie revolution and he may not have even known it.

During WWII, the Zippo was at its peak of popularity because they stopped there production of lighters for civilian use, and gave all of there lighters to soldiers. In retrospect, I think they would have enjoyed weapons made from your metal more then lighters, but its the thought that counts.

In 2002, Zippo decided that they wanted to expand there market to more usful forms "do it yourself" arson tools. They introudced a wide array of utility lighters known as Zippo MPL. In 2005 the released the Outdoor Utility Lighter, but it runs on butane. For those of you who do now know, butane runs your gas grill and could wipe out a small village if it explodes. Zippo said fuck it and decided to make that shit portable. Well played Zippo. Well played,

There is actually a Zippo museum located in Bradford (where all Zippos are made) at 1932 Zippo Drive. Its funny because the company is named Zippo, and the corporation was started in 1932, so its whimsical. The museum also features the most badass thing to ever exist in the market of portable flames (besides the flamethrower), It was the case knives line. Yes, Zippo took a lighter and put a fucking sword inside of it. That is actually considered a conceled weapon, good luck getting that shit on a plane.

Zippos In Culture

Zippo lighters have become a pop culture icon. Because they are made in America, that means they will put any logo on it. Zippo lighter have put every thing from bands, sports teams, naval ships, religious symbolry, and even Tabasco. There used to be a day when you would walk in to any gas station and there would be Zippo's spinning in there case, begging you to buy a great American product, but those days are gone. Now you can only buy a Zippo from a few southern stations, and creepy online dealers.

What most people know most about the Zippo is the metallic click ever time you open one. That click has gotten me through some hard time. Some hard, hard times.