Why Google Already Controls The World

Google is no longer just a search engine. Nor has it been for some time. Now nothing can stop the God Emperor Google.

The future of Google.

Soon That will have a more ominous meaning.

No other title would fit Google better.

Just The Facts

  1. Google Knows everything that happens on the internet
  2. You are on the Internet aren't you?
  3. Google knows you.
  4. Therefore Google knows where you live.

What can Google do now

The sorter list would probably be " What can't Google do now?" Most who read Cracked already konw that they should fear Google. Google knows alot about you through an advertising algerithm known as Google Anilitics. It uses gathered information to post advertisments relevant to your interests on websites that use Google to advertise for them.

Now what is so bad about all that, It means google knows everything about you, your strengths and weaknesses. What you eat, what clothing you wear, and who your favorite Power Ranger is. (mines the Red Ranger). All this information is stored by Google and kept for a very long time. So when Google finally reveals it self as the new emperor of the world it will know what to take from you to make you its slave.

What other powers will Google use in its domination of the world how about Google Earth. Google has mapped out the world, down to houses on streets. Google knows where you live and has a detailed map of your home. When Googles Secret Police come for you ( I'll call them The Chrome), They will already know all exits to your home.