Robin Williams

Before Robin Williams exploded onto the comedy scene in the early 1970s, the most animated comedian was Steven Wright.

This was found scribbled on a napkin at Robin William's home. Why he refers to himself in the third person is unclear.

Just The Facts

  1. Won an Academy Award for his performance in 'Good Will Hunting.' Had it taken away for his performances in 'Hook,' 'License to Wed,' 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' and 'Jack.' Won it back for 'RV.'
  2. Wrote the poem 'O Captain! My Captain!'
  3. Did more cocaine in the mid-1970s than some jazz musicians did in their entire lives.
  4. Masturbates every day.

Anatomy of Robin William's Comedy

Unlike most comedians, who base their material on observations, one liners, puns and wordplay, well-crafted stories, or interesting characters, Williams found that he could build a career by saying whatever the fuck thought entered his mind as fast as he fucking could.

For example, here is how some other famous comedians might approach the topic of "buying a car."

Jerry Seinfeld: What is with all of these "off-road vehicles?" Shouldn't vehicles be designed for the road? I think that's why people build roads. To drive vehicles on them. It's not like they sell "off-face glasses." "I just love these new 'off-face glasses.' They feel great on my fingers."

Bill Cosby: Y'see, what the people who are making the cars don't understand is that the seat-belt is not enough to keep the kids strapped into the car. Now, what you have to remember is that the children have the brain damage. Y'see, when the car is moving down the street, "voom voom voom voom...", the children don't understand that they can't move through the car like it's a playground, y'see.

George Carlin: (Is dead)

Robin Williams: Hey, here's a car. Honk honk. Ooh. Glove compartment here. What's this? I've neverseenthisbefore. I swear to God, officer. Someone must have left this here. (funny voice) I'm an actor. I need this to prepare for my role. Ooh. Patch Adams. Ooh. Hey. (Fidgets about onstage). This seat here. For my my co-pilot. Woof woof. Down boy. Maybe Mr. Spock. (As Shatner). Space. The Final...Frontier. Stop...playing with the stereo. Ooh. Vulcan. You've got to be vulcan kidding me. Nanoo-nanoo. Off-face glasses.

Major Career Highlights

In addition to his stand-up, the Julliard trained Williams (seriously) has been able to have a successful career as in actor. The first film for this Oscar winner (also true) was 'Popeye' (wait for it), directed by Robert Altman (seriously, what the fuck? That's like if Kurosawa decided to film 'Annie'). Here are some of Robin Williams's best films.

Aladdin: According to the Walt Disney Company, the Genie in 'Aladdin' has the ability to travel backward and forward through time, which is why he can do impressions of people like Ed Sullivan and Rodney Dangerfield. So you can stop worrying about that plot hole.

Old Dogs: The book was better. Actually, any almost book is better.

Jack: Jack probably died before the end of the credits.

Flubber: Based on actual events.