Denzel Washington's Blue Steel

The secret behind Denzel Washington's movie successes are his "Blue Steel" looks on his movie posters

Just The Facts

  1. Denzil Washington is a one of the most bankable stars around
  2. Denzil only has one look, his "Blue Steel"
  3. His popularity is all down to his "Blue Steel"
  4. "Blue Steel" is a look that a person repeats for every picture he takes

Blue Steel

In 2001 the esteemed film scholar Ben Stiller created a hard hitting documentary about fashion and the sweat shop industry that it creates. Named Zoolander, the movie followed the struggle of human rights activists struggling against the evil fashion dictator, Mugatu who strived to take over Malaysia to expand his sweat shop Empire.

One of the most remembered moments of the movie was a scene that revealed that most male models have one look. One of the models' nickname for his famous pose was, "Blue Steel"; a name which is now synonymous to any person's pose that they repeat again and again for the ever present camera:

Same pose


Tila Tequila when she's not getting attacked by beer bottles.

Evolution of Denzel's looks

Denzil Washington is one of the most powerful stars in Hollywood. So powerful and so intense that he actually has to avert his eyes on movie posters to prevent innocent people getting hurt!


At first he looked down

The Hurricane (1999)

Then he tried looking up

Remember the Titans (2000)

Then success with looking to the right, Denzel's Blue Steel is born!

Training Day (2001)

John Q (2002)

Antwone Fisher (2002)

Out of Time (I) (2003)

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Inside Man (2006)

In Deja Vu (2006) Denzel tries a rare look to the left

In American Gangster (2007) the producers were so worried

about Denzel's gaze they just cut it out of the poster

The Great Debaters (2007)

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3


The Book of Eli

Other Blue Steels

Compare that to Will Smith who tries to look into your soul!

Will Smith

DOB has a few things to say about our old buddy matt

DOB has a few things to say about our buddy Matt!


Oh the abs, oh the abs

big head

Alan Rickman pouts until he becomes a giant floating head

Cuba Gooding Jr used to be a respectable actor, he was the guy in Boyz n the Hood! He won an Oscar for Christ's sake! Then something happened, maybe it was going full retard in Radio or he got his head banged one many times but he suddenly became the go to man for any B-straight-to-DVD-movie. The dude is pumping out movies every three months! Looking back through his career a LARGE portion of his movies have him with a gun: