Ren and Stimpy

I finally picked a topic i actually Know about instead of copy and pasting a Wikipedia page.I BRING TO YOU REN&STIMPY

Just The Facts

  1. Premiered on Nickelodeon on Sunday, August 11, 1991
  2. Created by animator John Kricfalusi(yes thats a real name)
  3. Starred Ren hoek&Stimpson J. Cat


When i was a child, ren and stimpy was one of my favorite cartoons and i took it for all it was worth. Including the homosexual themes and an endless supply of fart jokes. It brings me to a time in my history where burping was a sport and Dora the explorer's parents were still contemplating abortion

"I'll name her Dora"


The story was actually pitched and sold to nickelodeon in 1989(what the hell they were thinking, I have no idea.).the first pilot episode was finished in October 1990.The very first episode aired in August of 1991,the first episode was "Stimpy's big day/The big shot"blah blah blah then fuckin hilarity ensued. It's simple plot lines and constantly nude animation and butt jokes were everything a five year old boy could ask for

See what I mean.

Although I didn't allways understand the plot I continued to watch awaiting a plethora of mastubation jokes and my personal favorite...MENTAL ILLNESS.

There is nothing more funny to a five year old than a debilitating behavioral disorder


The only thing that I loved more than learning about beating-off after I got home from kindergarten class was the reoccurring characters most of which I still remember to this day


He appeared in the first episode and a bunch of other non-continuous roles. Mr. Horse has
variously been a victim of a fall from a skyscraper, a GI returning from war in love with a sheep, a dog-show judge, a neighbor hiding a dark past, and a tester for Gritty Kitty cat litter. He has also been portrayed as a psychiatrist.


Powdered toast man was an over zealous superhero and part-time spokes person for powdered toast. The breakfast treat that "tastes just like sawdust" most importantly he flies backwards

Muddy Mudskipper

Nothing says "go out there and be somebody"to a kid more than a gritty voiced vaudeville air breathing fish whose catch phrase included calling everybody "a lousy bum"


This was one of the less popular characters. He usually portrayed as a mega patriotic conservative. Because if you have an incredibly gay children's show the only way to fix it is to throw a little bit of gay bashing into the mix.


A couple who are seen only from the waist down. Mr. pipe's interests include wearing rubber nipples on his knees and farting at inappropriate moments.(seriously! why the fuck would my parents let me watch this shit.)


they are a pair of incredibly stupid hillbillies who are sheriff and deputy of a small wild west town. They have a strong desire for hanging, so much so that they eventually hang themselves in absence of a suitable hangee. When Abner and Ewalt think about something, even on the most simple solutions, the theme from Jeopardy plays.


The more often than not decaying elderly man. This character would usually be stumbled upon by our main characters before diving into a unbearably long story that was probably void of any facts until his demise in Galoot Wranglers in which after telling his story he says "If none of this be true may I drop dead right here in this spot!" immediately after he says that he dies and falls face first into the campfire.




LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL 1996 nickelodeon cancelled my beloved show ending its five year run with the Christmas special episode "a scooter for yaksmas." then after years of continual crying(like a MAN)the series once again revealed itself in 2003 on the spike TV network. But this time it was different, it wasn't the same, it was not similar to the original, what I mean to say is that the way they were the same is outweighed by how much they were unlike each other. (I could go on.) With censorship no longer an issue, all the time laughing at POOP was replaced by dick jokes and female nudity.(by now I was a teenager and was led to believe the show was made especially for me) with the new revamp of the series now known as Ren & Stimpy "Adult party cartoon." The show began with the "banned" nickelodeon episode "Mans best friend" including much more explicit homosexual and nudity filled themes a sexually frustrated thirteen year old boy could ask for, only to be cancelled less than a year later.

Was this it? How could the TV people just toss my favorite children's show away like just any other crappy TV show. NO! Not with me around they weren't. "I'm gunna do something about this".(mainly sitting around and moving on with my life.) Thanks to my efforts and people who were actually involved the show resurfaced in 2007 on MTV2 and Nicktoons and still appears occasionally to this day with the original series.

For appreciating you reading my article I leave you with this.

oh yea!