Reasons Why The Modern Age Sucks

If you live in the West, and you probably do if you are reading this, you think that life is great. Right? Wrong. Totally and utterly fucking wrong. It is horrible.


24/7 Living

Woah, you say. Being able to stop off and pick up a burrito and a sixpack at 3 am is the pinnacle of civilisation.

Like this, with more cheese

More and more businesses are jumping onto the 24 hour bandwagon, due to demand. Society running to fit your hectic, drug fueled lifestyle, not the other way around. Your choice, your rules, as the ad says. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well, what are you doing up at 3 am in the first place? Maybe you have been out partying, or with your girl, or having a marathon Guitar Hero session.

Combining the last two is even better

But it is far more likely that you have either just finished your shift at 2 or are starting your shift at 4. You see, for your 24 hour shopping convenience, some poor sod has to work the shitty shifts that not even the illegal immigrants want to do. And, lets face it, you are no rocket scientist, and have no seniority.

In the bad old days, when most towns rolled up their sidewalks at 6pm, it was only the emergency services of police, fire, medical, bar tenders and tech support that had to work night shifts, usually at reduced capacity. Now everyone does. Even internet comedy writers. Gee, thanks, you entitled pricks.

Well, that's the O'Donnell topic written, at least.

And all this talk of convenience brings us to ...

It's All a Con, Never a Mod

Take a quick look around you. How many bits of consumer electronics can you see? If the answer is four or less, stop reading this right now and watch the fucking road.

Too late. Hey, sorry about that, guy. How many can you see now?

By consumer electronics, we don't just mean entertainment systems. Factor in the smart appliances you have too, the so called white goods. The AC. The microwave. Not the electric kettle though.

Apparently Americans don't have these.

It is a pretty spectacular total, isn't it. All of it conveniences. Things to make your life easier, more pleasant, giving you more time. Things that conspire to make you fat. And thing makers that conspire to keep you poor.

Sex and the City

Unreasonable expectations

Sexuallisation of everything

Rats in a Barrel

Population pressure

Fragility of the infrastructure



Hyper Connectivity

Being in touch at all times is bad for you.

All the freaks can get together.

Freedom's Just Another Word

Talk about choice etc.

Picking your gum can take days.


The Illiterati

text speak

rise of illiteracy, despite mand schooling