Curious George

-Under Construction-Curious George is a small monkey who gets into adventures in a series of childrens' books. What we have to say here may shock you, and may not be that accurate.

Just The Facts

  1. Curious George is a monkey. Like you couldn't fucking tell that just from the picture or something.
  2. His human friend is called "The Man With The Yellow Hat". Clearly some kind of drug code or jargon used in illicit and unsavory circles.
  3. Curiosity killed the cat, but the monkey is immune to it's finishing move.
  4. The monkey is going to avenge the living shit out of the cat. You'll see.

Curious George Books

Curious George is a series of childrens' books by H.A. Rey, and has been around since 1939. First he appeared with a giraffe and eight other monkeys, but then became the protagonist of his own series, which caught on and never really died down. We'll take a look at each book in a minute.

Curious George in Movies

A couple of animated short features have been made with Curious George before, and a full length animated feature film was released in 2006.

Now, let's get on with the part people really care about: the stories themselves.

"Curious George"

"Curious George Takes a Job"

"Curious George Rides a Bike"

"Curious George Gets a Medal"

"Curious George Flies a Kite"

"Curious George Learns the Alphabet"

"Curious George Goes to the Hospital"

Future Titles We Would Like To See

Hopefully this series will keep going for another 70 years at least. We have some really good ideas for future Curious George books...

Curious George Reloaded - After taking the Yellow Pill, George finds out that reality is fake, and especially fake in Hollywood. He goes on a suspiciously jedi-like mission and uses Monkey Style Kung-Fu against the evil programs who want to stop him. Also, he wears sunglasses.

2 Fast 2 Curious - Curious George steals a car, and makes the Man With The Yellow Hat ride along as he engages in dangerous illegal street racing. Many people are killed, but it doesn't matter because George wins the race.