Asian People

Asians are the most misunderstood people in America. Mainly because of our broken English.

what asian men wished they looked like

what 85% of asian men actually look like

How asian artist portay asian girls/what asian girls look like (see the difference)

Just The Facts

  1. Asian women are more attractive than asian men.
  2. The first fact makes it harder for us Asian men who dont look like anime characters find dates
  3. Asian women's genitalia is not sideways you racist fuck.
  4. Not all Asians own a Honda Civic but we all own a Honda automobile

How to Please Your Asian Man

Are you a non-Asian but you are dating or married to an Asian Man and you're having trouble keeping him happy? Well here are the basic needs that must be met so that your Asian Man is always on your side.

1. HE NEEDS RICE: Rice is very important to Asians without a daily intake of at least 1 cup of rice per meal per day your Asian Man may experience chronic diarrhea, migraines, and/or temporary blindness.


2. Sexy Time: Asian Men are hornier than a bushel of barnacles in lukewarm water. He will need to quell all this sexual tension with at least 24 hrs of sexy time per week.

thank you for the sex! Thanks for the sex

3. Belly Massage: All that rice and ferocious humpage churns up and Asian man's stomach contents. Gas builds in there stomachs causing discomfort. Rub his belly clockwise to help ease out the gas. PLEASE WHERE A BREATHING APPARATUS ASIAN MEN HAVE SMELLY RICE FARTS.

they are about to get a rude awakening Those white girls are about to get a rude awakening