Jesus Sightings

Think of any item with a discernible texture: wood, marble, toast...anything. Whatever you thought of, someone has seen the visage of Christ in that item.

This topic and its infographic are under construction.  In the meantime, please enjoy this image of Jesus in a tortilla.

Just The Facts

  1. Having lived 1800 years before the birth of photography, any depictions of Jesus' face are purely guesswork.
  2. While the commonly accepted 'long hair with beard' version of Christ is probably a pretty good guess for a Judean vagrant, it's a look thats also been sported by countless men throughout history.
  3. With such unclear information on the actual face of Jesus, it's impossible to say with any certianty whether the face appearing on your tortilla is that of Christ, Bob Seger, or Obi Wan Kenobi.
  4. Its none of the above; it's just a weirdly cooked piece of goddam flatbread.

Savior In Your Sandwich

We're not here to debate the existance of whatever faith you may happen to subscribe to (comenters), but lets lay down the law on this issue: no diety worth their salt is showing up in a cheese sandwich, and every sensible person knows it.

Not pictured: A diety worth their salt.