Queen Latifah

Dana Elaine Owens, or as she is known Queen Latifah,is a well known singer/actress. However it is not well known that she is in fact one of the most powerful mob bosses on the east coast of America

Presenting an amiable facade to the people of America

Giving two fingers to her mob competitors

Meeting with her number 2 guy, Bald Frowning Man

Just The Facts

  1. Born in New Jersey
  2. Controls over 60% of all mob activites on the East Coast
  3. Enjoys a good Sunday afternoon whacking

Early Years

Dana Owens began her mob career as a small time money collector in Newark for the Walken family. Her excessive violence and penchant for the dramatic drew the attention of the then boss Christopher Walken. At the age of 21 Walken, or as he was known The Scicilian ( little known fact that he actually portrayed himself in the film True Romance), took her under his wing and slowly teaching her and preparing her to take over from him as head of the family.

Walken's Apprentice

Over the next 6 years Walken introduced her to fame and fortune, providing her with a lucrative singing career and cementing her in a celebrity lifestyle, for as Walken knew celebrities are always granted reduced sentences when arrested and convicted. However Owens became disillusioned with Walken's stubborn refusal to stand down as mob boss. Owens believed that the family had more potential and wanted to extend their controlhowever Walken was old blood and refused to upset the other families. Owens also believed that she should be allowed do movies but Walken refused. In 2002 in a coup of such size unseen in mob history since Capone Owens took Walken's place as head of the family, since then Walken has financed himself by making several cameo appearances in films. Having assumed control of the family Owens took the assumed name of Queen Latifah, or Walken's Bane as she is known by some of her subordinates.

Mob Boss

Following her takeover of the family, Latifah then proceeded to extend the family's influence on the East Coast. On Labor Day 2002 Latifah had the heads of the 3 most powerful families in New York muredered and assumed control of each family. This day became known as The Labor Day Massacre, echoing the St. Valentines Massacre of Capone's era. Controlling all mob activities in New York and halfway down the East Coast Latifah turned her hand to acting. Latifah has starred in and financed several movies over the years (Chicago, The Pursuit of Happyness), even earning an academy nomination, in a meteoric rise to fame earning her the praise and respect of the unwitting public.

Present Day

Latifah continues to operate on the East Coast today and is worth an approx. six billion dollars. Her main sources of income include extortion, rackateering and blackmail. She has also started several legitimate businesses including the production of bed linen, cardigan manufacturing and also a small carpentry shop.

However she has not fooled everyone and currently Russel Crowe is believed to be investigating her in between making movies. Although why he should be doing this is not currently known.

Christopher Walken is also allegedly planning to retake control of the family, although Latifah has over the years become more bloodthirsty and Walkens plans will most likely to be met with horrible torture and death.