Pop Will Eat Itself

Nothing can be original, everything cool has happened before and is just waiting to be recycled and hailed as the next new thing.

Just The Facts

  1. Pop Culture is feeding on itself
  2. A snake eating itself is called a Ouroboros
  3. Ouroboros is one of the most cliche tattoos
  4. Pop Will Eat Itself is also an English alternative rock band, fucking pommies

Soviets: The originial B-boys

Yeah, yeah RUN DMC wasn't even born when this video was made. But look at these commie bastards move! Tell me that didn't influence at least one B-boy in the 80s!!! Soviet mass dancing influenced these reds into busting a groove and then some! If only the Reds were still around and there could be a real dance face off with the TRUE old school battling against the modern day B-boys.

John Ciampa with the originial Parkour

And you want to tell me that Parkour started in France, Please! John Ciampa was the man! A stunt man in the 40s and 50s he had a revival when the 1977 documentary film Gizmo! included footage of Ciampa doing his thing. However he was screwed over by the Gizmo producers as the footage was left uncredited and mixed with another stunt man, Arnim Dah.

Hollywood Remakes

The first blockbuster was the movie, Jaws. It was the first blockbuster in the sense that it was the first movie that became a cultural phenomenon, a fast-paced exciting entertainment, almost a genre on itself. Plus it made its producers a SHIT LOAD of money. Before the blockbuster phenomenon movies were released in a small number of theatres and then waited for word of mouth and advertising to take hold and then if the film became popular the number of theatres was expanded.

When Hollywood saw all the money to be made, this softly softly approach was all but abandoned in favour of the Blockbuster. As high budget films could be marketed extensively before their release and then released into thousands of cinemas all over the country. This led to Hollywood remakes. A mass marketing campaign couldn't always guarantee a movie would make a profit and so to play it safe the Hollywood production companies would only green-light films that were previously successful or that had a large following. This is what we see now as play-it-safe Hollywood producers dredge up remake, after remake and all our old childhood cartoons.

Music eating itself

Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Hip Hop, I enjoy sampling as much as the next guy but when the whole song's melody is just a rip off of another creepy song, when all they did was change ONE word, that's crossing the line ... the music eating itself line in the sand. Sure sure I'm a little late on this one as the song was released what in 1998 but I feel this song is the a symbol of Pop Will Eat Itself.

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