Sweet, delicious, wholesome nicotine; the one thing in which hipsters, truckers, gangstas, cowboys and presidents can agree. (Well except maybe for booze, sex and drugs.) Nicotine is most commonly associated and found in tobacco products.

She's thinking about quitting.

Just The Facts

  1. Nicotine is named after the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum.
  2. Nicotine is both a stimulant and a relaxant.
  3. Nicotine addiction is historically one of the hardest to break and tobacco addiction has similar pharmacological and behavioral characteristics to heroin and cocaine addicition.

The many faces of Lady Nicotine.

Nicotine comes in several varieties of ways in which one may feed the screaming demon known as nicotine addiction. Most commonly nicotine is smoked, chewed, placed in between the lip and gums (known as "dipping") or snorted. Typically, smoking is the preferred way to receive your hourly allotment of nicotine and still get laid; nevertheless, chewing/dipping remain popular amongst all Nascar fans between the ages of embryo and corpse.

Step up to Flavor!

"Step up to flavor!"

Aside from the methods of injection noted above, there are a few other well known ways one may get one's nic-fit under wraps. Nicotine may be in a gum, a transdermal "patch" that release nicotine into the skin, lozenges or pills. Ordinarily, these methods are used by themselves or in concert in order for one to "quit" another form of nicotine dependency; kind of like eating cupcakes to get off pie.

The glorious effects of Nic-dawg.

Nicotine is a mood altering drug that is both a stimulant and a relaxant. Short quick puffs on a cigarette/cigar will induce a low level of blood nicotine which stimulates nerve transmission--this has been seen to sharpen concentration.

A long slow pull on that sucker will produce a high level of blood nicotine and reward our intrepid user with a mild sedative effect. If you are salivating or already in the elevator to go outside, congratulations! You are one with nicotine.

Come on, Jane! We have to clock back in!

"Come ON, Jane! We have to clock back in."