Horror Movie Cliches

Horror movies usually have every typical movie cliche' rolled into one genre.

Just The Facts

  1. The likelihood of you getting your phone cords cut and throat slashed are highly unlikely because usually you have a cell phone and neighbors that aren't complete assholes.
  2. If you do travel with a group of people make sure its not of the map or in the middle of frackin' nowhere and usually there is some kind of protection around unless you're stranded on an island then you're pretty much fucked from here on out.
  3. If you have the least bit of common sense you can pretty much tell somethings not right, and if you can't run and don't look back ( and it doesn't hurt to watch where you're going either).

Horror Movie Cliche'

Every Horror movie always consist of the "Let's travel in groups people," the overly sexually active couple that are hornier than nymphos with a runner's high, the "Hello...Hello, who's there, leave me alone" girl oh and my personal favorite the I'm gonna run over here person. There are a lot of horror movie cliches but these are the most retarded by far.