The highest level of professional basketball in the United States. Made of giant athletic superhumans. It is unknown why they continue to lose to Europeans.

Back in the olden days, this was what an MVP looked like

Current above average player

Just The Facts

  1. Basketball was invented by Canadian James Naismith. Not many Canadian players currently.(Steve Nash only one with known impact)
  2. Invented in America, Unlike Baseball
  3. There are 2 other less exciting National league's, known as NCAA and WNBA

Ancient History

Basket-Ball was invented by James Naismith at a YMCA in kansas in 1891. The reason DR. Naismith invented the game was because it was too cold outside for them to play something like lacross. One would think he would be used to the cold. The goals were two peach baskets and they used a soccer ball. That could get annoying having to get the ball down after each point. It sure is a good thing they figured out if you put a hole in the goal, the ball would succum to gravity. Naismith was also the first coach of the University of Kansas basketball program. He had a suprisingly low winning average for the inventer of the sport, but it probally just implies he's honest and didn't cheat the system. Or he just wasn't a good coach.

Not quite as Ancient History

During the early 20th century, many people created their own teams and traveled around the country "barnstorming". This was were they would play against other barnstormers, and they would basicly put on a show. Most of these have been forgotten, however one remains commonly known; The Harlem Globetrotters. The reason for this is unknown, but it is most likely because they were the only team that was really any good.

The Origin of the League

The NBA was founded in the late 40's . There were two leagues, the BAA and the NBL which combined to form the NBA. So, quick chemistry formula to remember. BAA+NBL=NBA. I suppose BAL is released as heat into the air. Contrary to what you would likely assume, the color barrier was broken in one of the first seasons by a Japanese-American. He did not begin to dominate the sport. Black players began appearing on teams in the 1950's. The early and mid 60's were dominated by the Celtics, who were amazing when compared to the other teams back then.They won 8 NBA championships in a row. There were really only 3 memorable players back then, and 2 of them(Bob Cousey, Bill Russel) happened to be on the Celtics. The other one(Wilt Chamberlain) didn't win a championship until 1967, one of two he would win. He was busy setting all sorts of individual records, and according to him, having lots and lots of sex.

The high flying 70's

The 70's saw the first of several new types of player, those who played in the air. Players began dunking in new and exciting ways. The man who really began this trend was known as Julius Erving. He was known for his championships in the NBA and the rival ABA, and for being the first man to dunk from the free throw line in the NBA. He is now known for his nickname, Dr. J, which gave Dr. Pepper an excuse to make him a spokesman. He was in an early video game, where he is one of only two players in the game, the other being Larry Bird. Bird played a much different style. Seing as he was bigger, slower, and white, he tended to focus on shooting farther away from the goal.

The 1980's

This was an extension of the 70's that had a 3 point line. Current league commishioner David Stern overthrow the previous regime in 1984. That was the same year Michael Jordan was drafted.


The 1990's

This is the decade Michael Jordan rained supreme, aided by his minions Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. The Bulls won 6 NBA titles during the decade, and Jordan recieved 5 MVP awards. Michael Jordan may be the man more people associated with proffesional basketball than anyone else. He is well known for endorsment of products, especially the Basketball sneakers "Air Jordans." In 1992, proffesional basketball players were allowed to compete in the olympics for the first time. They won the gold medal in 92', and were dubbed "The Dream Team." They won gold in 96' and 00', but only obtained a bronze in 04'. The US womens team got a gold, but everyone was crying over the men losing to the Greeks, so no one seemed to notice. I'm not a fan of women's basketball, but this seems very unfair.

The 2000's

After Michael Jordan's first "retirement", the west dominated this decade. The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs especially. Towards the end, the Celtics regained some power, but it was taken right back away from them. The 2000's had such amazing athletes as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwight Howard, and Kevin Garnett. These players are surely more athletic than Jordan, but because they still play are not considered "on his level" by most. Jordan came back for a couple of years at the early part of this decade, but probally shouldn't have, he accomplished little.

The 2010's

This just started, so there's not really that much to write about. However, this years dunk contest was amazing. The league currently is gaining more and more international players, especially from Europe, which can only be good for the league's international influence.