The Solution

Read David Wong's 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S. Then you will understand why I write this article.

I  fucking made this. Read my article. This is what I'm talking about. THIS could be what I trade for tokens!

Remember it. . .

Just The Facts

  1. The World might be run by B.S.
  2. I don't think so.
  3. This article is my solution.

Summary of B.S.

If you can't bother over the details and you are too lazy to move your mouse and read the aforementioned B.S. article, here's a little summary.

David says all things expensive have cheaper (or free) alternatives, and this will eventually run society into the ground. He believes society will be run on lies and bull shit.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have my own opinion to state.


I am fifteen and ignorant of stupid-ass politics. I have a better view of the world, one where everyone is communal, the U.S. isn't run on corn and big-ass corporations and everyone owns a hand-made computer created by someone they can create a great connection with. However, everyone is too selfish and stupid, so at this point that utopia is impossible. However, America is true to one thing; feeling rich. I feel rich and I am middle class. But I have access to the pirate bay so I may appreciate others creations. I have a love for art, for creation. From my point of view, when people create something, they put a bit of themselves in it, and that tiny part of humanity (i prefer to call it soul, it's shorter) is absolutly priceless. Here's my idea.

Instead of people creating art to sell to a potential buy, I would like to create a database (not unlike the piratebay, actually) as a neutral party that takes the art or labor or whatever in exchange for tokens. This could include services such as baking and other shit (food, water, electricity created by a bike and generator) WHATEVER! This stuff can be traded for the same amount of tokens it was originally traded for. Some of these items can be bargained for free if certain (nice and generous parties) were willing to give it to the token database for free.

Of course drugs and shit would have to be monitored, even though I have nothing against drugs, it would piss off conservatives and other *cough*closed-minded*cough* parties. Look, all I'm saying, is it would be cool if whatever someone created could actually be recognized in the world and they get immediate pay for it, instead of relying on luck.

The End

I really appreciate you reading this. I wrote it in one go and edited nothing. This is not very funny, and I am sorry, but I felt that this article was important to me, so I wanted it to get out of my system. Comments, as always, are appreciated.

With much sadness at the stupidity of politics,