Transformer Toys

Finally the perfect toy. At first it is something else like a car, a plane, a tank, a gun, a tape recorder. Shit you can find anywhere even animals. And when you least expect it it transforms into big ass robot!

From Nike Shoe to deadly ass raping robot.

From Game controller to deadly ass raping robot.

From Death Star to giant deadly ass raping Darth Vader. Suck on that rebel alliance.

Just The Facts

  1. All of the "The Transformers" Cartoons and Movies were based on the Transforming Robot toys of the same name which were modified old Japanese toys.
  2. Originally produced in the 80's, these toys shaped the new wave of transforming action figure toys which are still being produced today by Hasbro.
  3. They sell transformers toys based on transformer toys based on movies based on transformer toys.
  4. Transformer toys also invented the aspect of giving their Toys Trading card stat cards which kids could trade and collect. Even the boxes these toys came from were collectibles.
  5. Hasbro has also produced Transformer Toys for Other brands and franchises like Star Wars, and Marvel Comics.

The Golden Age.

What was big for kids in the 80's?

  1. Rubix Cube puzzles
  2. Military faction toys with good guys and bad guys (bad guys especially popular)
  3. Some kind of non-specific vague enemy group that only stands for bad like international Terrorists and Warmongering Alien Invaders.
  4. Dinosaurs fighting modern day people and things.
  5. Toys that got bigger and better than other kid's toys.
  6. Robots.
  7. Spring loaded projectile toys that kid's like to shoot everybody in the eyes with.
  8. And science fiction no girls allowed action and adventure.

So Hasbro decided that they needed to find the ultimate toy idea. And while looking into the Japanese market for toys, The Hasbro company found somebody who answered that question.

A toy that was a puzzle that turned it into another toy with other toy attachments and accessories!

Behold Ladies and gentlemen the beginning of an age of little boys dreams made into reality.

The Transformer's Legacy

In the beginning there was but three hard metals. Adamantium, Tonka Tuff Steel, and Dye-cast metal.

The most powerful of these first line of toys were made from the latter of these three super powers. And from it was fordged the unbreakable, pants-wettingly awesome Toys in the known universe.

Ranging from Trucks, Cars, Airplanes, Dinosaurs, Microscopes, Giant Insects, and other robots, A child was given the oppurtunity to have two toys in one, serving duel purposes. And it was from this initial lineup of the first generation of toys "Generation 1", that set up all the possibilities for future toys.

Shortly after that when the initial series of toys and toy related media had run it's course in america, The japanese who originally started the idea took it back and all the concepts that were created in America continued in Japan. The Toys then became known as "_________ Masters". Where smaller transformer toys accompanied other transformers and when they transformed the smaller ones would transform into smaller accessories to the larger robot. Such as Heads, Guns, Engines.

When the original run of toys and cartoons had finished In American and instead of dubbing imports of the new series in japan, Hasbro decided to rehash and resyndicate the old show with new grapphics and Sold the old toys again with new coloring and advertized with computer generated Transformers duking it out with each other. 100 times more accurate than Micheal Bay's version.

100 times more accurate

But when that died out in the mid 90's and a brand new set of toys released in japan featuring animals, Hasbro bought those and repackaged them as Beast Wars. This was also distributed with it's own animated series that was done in Canada.

Then finally after enough series reboots in japan occured, We got more toys shipped directly from japan with cartoons to matched.

We suddenly repackaging and reselling old toys with the new ones.

Then we started selling toys based on those toys.

And finally the live action movie franchise. And the Toys it spawned.