Penelope Cruz

Spanish filmmaking is superb. You have that guy who did The Others, and Guillermo del Toro (wait, he's mexican). But the real Godfather of spanish directors is Pedro Almodovar. You know, the guy who did that movie with a trasvestite.

See. This is the one that stars the trasvestite with Marisa Paredes

That's themovie with a trasvestite and Penelope Cruz. Oh, and Marisa Paredes.

See, there's no need to get confused. This one stars Penelope Cruz.

Just The Facts

  1. While Almdovar's films seem the same, there is a disticntion. On one side, his films deal about trasvestites, on the other one, they deal about transexuals.

How Penelope Cruz gets hired for a gig.

After the ill fated involvement with Tom Cruise (pronounced "crooz"), Penelope Cruz (also pronounced "crooz", but in Spanish) seems to get back to old friends and relations every time the sprinklers start spraying the gardens. Ironically, the longest running relationship she's ever had with a man is that with fellow countryman Pedro Almodovar, who is gay. That doesn't seem to turn off Penelope, as she willingly agrees to every film Almodovar makes.

Does she actually have the courtesy to ask him? A reasonable theory is he doesn't make an effort to say "girl, get off my back" anymore, and just nods along. Here's the probable scene:

PEDRO- (To his staff) Hey, guys, I'm making a new film, I was thinkg about hiring Gael...

PENELOPE- Why didn't you send me a script?

PEDRO- Penny, there are no women in the story. It's about a drunken captain in a fishig boat who rapes all of his crew...

PENELOPE- And that means what, exactly?

PEDRO- (Mumbles)

PENELOPE- You're saying there is Conchita, one of the the sailor's ex-wife.

PEDRO- Well...

PENELOPE- And she sneaks to the cargo area.

PEDRO- But...

PENELOPE- She recolects about her divorce.

PEDRO- We already...

PENELOPE- And she's pissed at him for choosing that chick from Dawson's... She rflects about ehr mother.

PEDRO- We already did...


PEDRO- Su... Sure thing, Penny.

PENELOPE- And she befriends a transexual.

PEDRO- But... (Nervous) I... like it.

PENELOPE- Good, see you when we start filmming. (Looks at her watch) In about forty minutes.

PEDRO'S EDITOR- Forty minutes? We don't even have a studio.

PEDRO- (Discreetly) Shut up, shut up. It just gets worse.