Crappy Bands Named After Back To The Future References

You're probably aware that there's a shit band called McFly (after Marty), and there's also one called Delorean (after Marty's car). So I started thinking: just how many crappy bands named after BTTF references exist? A lot more than you'd think...

Just The Facts

  1. I've rated these bands using the "clock" item from the classic Back to the Future NES game.
  2. You might know the game under its alternate release title, "The Shittiest Fucking Videogame Ever".
  3. Seriously, how can this come out of Back to the Future? It's like Scarlett Johansson giving birth to Hitler.

1.21 Gigawatts (UK)


The first thing I noticed about this band is that they have a song named after Robocop. How awesome is that? Is this song about Doc Brown meeting Alexander James "Robocop" Murphy, perhaps to perform some updates on his hardware? What happens if you install a flux capacitor on his chest, zap him with 1.21 gigawatts, and make him run at 88 miles per hour? The crossover possibilities are endless, and just thinking about them is giving my brain a boner.

This horse's brain also.

But then I realized that the song isn't literally about Robocop; they're only using him as a metaphor for feelings or world hunger or something lame like that. The lyrics go:

"LIKE a robot..."

...and that's the point where they lose me, because the correct way to begin the song would be "EXACTLY as a robot" (or, alternately, a cop). Just for that I'm lowering their grade to only two clocks.


88 Miles Per Hour


88 Miles Per Hour would be an awesome name for a trash metal band, because, you know, they could play really fast and stuff, and then at the height of an epic guitar solo they'd literally explode into a ball of lightning and fire and disappear, and everyone's like "where did they go?!", and then you look behind you and they're standing right there. They were there all along.

Drinking your beer.

Unfortunately these guys belong to the "angsty suburban pseudo-punk" subgenre, with song titles like What Is Real or Confessions of Confusion. Their chances of playing so hard that they'd explode into the past are close to zero... much like the rating I'm giving them.