Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. is a game where the brain children of Shigeru Miyamoto duke it out for their father's affection.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Brothers is a Nintendo video game featuring many characters designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. He is a badass who smokes weed and makes awesome trippy video games. Playing "Majora's Mask" on DMT is guaranteed to induce full on visual and audial hallucinations of Octoroks attacking you in your everyday life.
Pictured: The Day Tigger Went To Heaven
For many adolescent to middle aged males and even a few girls in there it is a coliseum. A place for combat, where one can test his mettle both with and without a sword whether as the crafty and well equipped elf-human-hybrid-thing Link is,
HEEyaaaaah! (You read that in Link's voice)
or as the fast-punching and one-line-ing, pregnancy-terminating-falcon-punch-ing Captain Falcon.
Pictured: Falcon. Punch.
Odds are if you've ever watched a Saturday morning cartoon you've played super smash brothers. The original game only had twelve characters and I bet if you tried you could remember them, but I'm probably overestimating you so here's the full roster.
Getting nostalgic yet? I know I am. I'm already feeling my post nostalgia chub.
Do you see Ness there? Can you make out his jeans? See the shading on his badass tipped-to-the-side cap and his creepy soulless black dot eyes? This game was on the N64. Somewhere in your house right now you probably have an N64 propping up a table leg. Go look. I'll wait.
I cannot even begin to count how many times I have beaten the classic arcade mode on this game. Basically every single Sunday for the first half of my life was spent playing this game. That's one fourteenth of my life. You may be saying "Oh big deal," but consider this, you don't even spend a fourteenth of your life shitting. I've played this game more than I have shit. Just consider that for a minute.
I remember getting to the "break the targets" levels with new characters failing after one jump and restarting my entire classic mode conquest just to take another crack at it. I didn't have a lot of friends. Leave me alone.
It's made two successful sequels
This one
And this one.
Both of which were awesome in their own unique way. Both modified and improved on the original gameplay, and stayed true to what fans of the series wanted to see in terms of characters. Some super smash bros. characters I would like to see in future games.
Lyn: Fire Emblem
Isaac: Golden Sun
Max: Advance Wars
Blaziken: Mother fucking PKMN
Super Smash Bros. has been too successful of a franchise for them NOT to make another game. And I can't wait for it. I know that Nintendo will never, as long as there is a god in heaven, make a bad Smash Bros. game.
Weird side fact, just because you thought it was pathetic that I was willing to scrap my progress and start from scratch just to get the perfect score on a bonus level, there are people who literally spend time recording characters walking around on camera mode and make up their own stories and usually with (awful) voice acting narrate them. My reaction when I watched the first video of this variety I had ever seen: 5 seconds; Funny. 10 seconds; Funny. 15 seconds; Still Funny. 20 seconds: Now it's sad. The video was 5 minutes long.