Poképhilia is the love of proctologists. It has nothing to do with pokemon at all. I swear.

Just The Facts

  1. This has probably been around as long as Pokemon has
  2. This is not unusual (remember Cortana from the Halo series?)
  3. Gardevoir isn't as hot as Lopunny

Just what is pokephilia?

Pokephilia is the love of pokemon. Perhaps I should be clearer. To a degree, most of us love pokemon to some extent, be it that mudkipz meme, those games we played years back (Gold and Silver for the win), or the many appearances they've made in great movies.


Pokephilia takes that love a step further.

So what does pokephilia look like?

Moonlit Lopunny

I prefer direct answers. Beating around the bush doesn't make sense, because dinner is probably hiding IN the bush.

With the first four generations of pokemon, going from Bulbasaur to Arceus, there are 493 of them. The picture above of the totally hot Lopunny is only one of them.

Gardevoir Versus Lopunny

Seriously, you knew this was coming.

Le Chart

Seriously, what the hell am I looking at? No other way to put it: Lopunny > Gardevoir.

An excuse to make a bunch of pokemon jokes

I personally am not a fan of pokephilia for a few good reasons. I once had some pokemon over at the house as guests, and things didn't go well. You know why you shouldn't shower near pokemon? Because your face

I also found an ursaring sneaking around the house. It looked something like this:


Wait a second... I've seen this somewhere before... OH MY GOD!!!


Enough was enough. There were too many pokemon for me to deal with.

OVER 9000!!!

After fleeing the comforts of my own home, I decided that I wanted to take a trip to the beach. So I went to Florida, the land of beaches and old people. I made an unfortunate discovery though, one that would steer me away from all beaches for the rest of my days. You ever wonder why the ocean is so salty?