5 Top Annoying Youtube Video Habits

Youtube videos have a tendency to be problematic, at the least.

Just The Facts

  1. Not counting the absolutely idiotic comments (that's another article),
  2. not counting when it lags in the middle of a fully loaded progress bar for no discernable reason, and only stops about five seconds later when you refresh,
  3. completely bizarre song-video corroborations,
  4. annoying or annoyingly prevalent 'remixes' (usually involving completely UNNECESSARY AND INFURIATING commentary from the 'DJs'),
  5. not even the pointless and confusing 'related' ads,
  6. here are five things seen in Youtube videos I could really do without.
  7. (read: kill someone over)

#5 Fadeout-clipping

This is fairly minor, but still incredibly annoying. If a song ends on a fadeout, let it end on a fadeout. It's a second or two of video - don't shave it off. It totally ruins the entire mood that you spent so long setting up! It's a small thing that can make a big difference.

This goes double for clipping off the opening of the song. That's not just accidental or thoughtless, it's either intentional (and therefore just a jerk move), or it makes you look like an idiot.

#4 Badly Transcribed Lyrics

It's bad enough that your lyrics have been ripped off of a lyric site, it's bad enough that you started the video with that standard text screen that LOOKS like you're going to use it for lyrics then do a bait-and-switch in the commentary....but really. If your video contains A) lyrics that even a toddler can see issues with, and/or B) annotations to FIX those lyrics, rather than admitting the mistake and starting over....

Please, for the love of God. Listen to the song WHILE READING the lyrics. If you don't catch something, like similar-sounding words (often due to and incomprehensible or rough-voiced singer), then that is a forgivable mistake. Try not to let context-obvious lyrics fool you - just because it SOUNDS close enough doesn't mean it IS.

But if you can't even be bothered to run the lyrics through a spellcheck (case in point - two videos by completely different YouTubers....with the exact same lyric misspelled the same way)....and don't forget to take out that 'I ripped these horribly wrong lyrics off of X site!' tag, because nobody wants to be thought of as lazy. Although that'll hardly help if you didn't bother correcting them in the first place. Then you'll just be thought of as an idiot.

#3 Opening Credits Songs

Either it's annoying song that makes you wish you never clicked this link (no matter how awesome the following video is), or it's a piece of a song that you are just starting to get into when the main video starts. Either way it will have nothing to do with what you're watching, and no amount of asking or sacrificing to Satan will get you the name so you can watch it in full and learn the lyrics, thus finally getting it out of your head.

Nobody cares that it's your 'signature song'. Because no one will EVER click links to your other videos once they realize that you do this. Kind of counterproductive, what?

#2 30-second Fake-out

You have clicked the link to a video, probably an AMV (Anime Music Video, for the uninitiated). It's amazing. Maybe it's a song and series that you knew were made for each other, maybe it's a surprisingly good and unexpected match. You lean forward, getting into it - and it ends at 37 seconds.

What gives?!

You have been a victim of a 30-second fakeout. Sometimes the makers were too lazy to finish; maybe their computer died and this was all they could salvage. Either way, it's disappointing and leaves you feeling empty inside.

Best case scenario: It's part of one of those projects, where either everyone does one part of the song, or equally good matches with other songs and series.

Worst case scenario: After putting forth their best effort, the maker realizes how HARD syncing is...and leaves it forever unfinished.

And #1....RAINBOWS.

Dear Rainbow filter: Die in a fire.

I have thus far found one good (that means FAR above average, because even average videos can't use it now without me going 'UGHRAINBOWFILTERKILL'.) video that uses the rainbow filter. Here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v-1bTJEnso Even though it's not what I TRADITIONALLY think of as the rainbleugh filter, it's one of the only ones I can watch without wanting to kick small children.

Please. Think of the children. Stop using the slow-mo rainbow filter.