Clone Dictators Of North Korea

Clone Dictators of North Korea?

Future Leaders of North Korea?

How it all Started

North Korean dictator Kim Jong il's long awaited journey into what we are certain will be a horrid afterlife lies just on the horizon. Thoughts of him being roasted slowly yet eternally, hog tied on a spit with myriad minor demons rectally abusing him dance happily through the heads of about all South Koreans, North Koreans, and most heads of state.

While jubilantly awaiting this much anticipated event, we should not be distracted into overlooking the fact that sometimes true evil doesn't just die, it escapes death and carries on in another form.
There is evidence that in the case of the wily leaders of North Korea this may have been happening for decades, right under our noses.

Kim il Sung is well known to have founded what North Korea is today. It is also said that on the day he was born to a virgin, a bright star rose above his birthplace, and angels appeared spreading flowers and farting pixie dust. His reign of terror over the country almost began shortly before the Japanese invaded Korea before WWII, at which time he ran away as fast as his little legs could carry him to the Soviet Union until it was over.
Little is known of his reign of terror while infesting that country other than cats, canines, and other furry animals completely disappearing from regions he'd visited. Afterward he was returned home forcibly as the Russians were no doubt tired of his shit and wanted to install him somewhere that he could bug the hell out of their mortal enemies at the time, the US and China.
Upon his return he quickly set about establishing the world's most completely oppressive, militarized, neighbor attacking, leader worshiping, brainwashed, starving, streetlight-less and nuclear ambitious prison camp, North Korea. He also set himself up as the national god, and quickly invaded South Korea, who frankly wanted nothing to do with him. Seems they already had a god, and couldn't quite accept Kim Il Sung as their personal savior no matter how hard he tried to bomb them into believing in him.

Well, since we all know the story of the Korean war we'll just skip all that and the cold war intrigues and cross border guerrilla operations, tunnels, assassinations, kidnappings, bombings
and so forth to get to the part where he dies.
Upon his so called death he was appointed "Eternal President"
This leads us to suspect he's not dead yet, and even though his body is safely interred, under armed guard, he's apparently not there; we all know it is impossible to lead anything from a tomb.

What was previously unknown is that while in the former Soviet Union he secretly absconded with a newly developed human cloning process which the Russians themselves had shelved because of a tendency to produce progressively worsening physically and intellectually defective clones.
What else is not know is that later, by cumulative experience torturing and brainwashing various small animals, missionaries, diplomats, soldiers, and his own people, he had apparently developed the technique of inserting a foreign soul into another body after ridding it of the one it had. This technique worked even better on the clones, as they don't come with a soul to begin with. Better yet, clones could be made from his own cell matter so that they closely resembled him.

Bring in the Clone

In a first for any communist nation, Kim il Sung established a communist hereditary dynasty by appointing his 'son' Kim Jong il to succeed him just shortly before his death.

Other communist nations were in shock, as well they should have been; after all, monarchical dynasty is diametrically opposed to what communism's supposed to be about in the first place.

Kim il Sung and Kim Jong il have always looked strikingly alike. Legend says that Kim Jong il was also born of a virgin, that the winter turned to spring on his birth,
and that he himself farts flowers and pixie dust.
Nevertheless, no one really knows his origins for certain.
At the death of Kim il Sung, this entirely look alike 'son' Kim Jong il took over as supreme power in North Korea, and as chance would have it continued doing exactly the same things as his predecessor without so much as a skip in beat.

History in an undeviating progression shows North Korea under both 'Kims' pursuing these same behaviors of oppression, militarization, neighbor attacking, leader worshiping, brainwashing, starving of his own people, not installing street lights and developing nuclear weapons within his country, which just happens to be the world's largest fortified prison camp
Are we beginning to see a pattern here?
Over decades now we've seen the policies of North Korea go unchanged from their inception by the original 'Kim' through to the current 'Kim' leading to the inescapable conclusion that they are in fact one and the same.

Kim il Sung seems to have taken to being a totalitarian dictator worshiped as god so much that he decided he'd never die, so he didn't, he just jumped into a cloned body double raised as his son, became Kim Jong il and kept on truckin. This has got to be the most devious and longest publicly unnoticed thing anyone's ever done in recorded history.
'But what of the future of North Korea now that Kim Jong il is apparently headed to that great gulag in the underworld?' The world may ask in blissfully oblivious ignorance...

Return of the Clone Prince

The health of Kim Jong il has deteriorated recently, and as hope rises in the rest of the world that this tyrant soon dies off we are once again sobered into reality by yet another Kim life extension.
Meet the 'son' Kim Jong un, also allegedly born to a virgin, and in addition to stars rising and winter changing magically to spring on his birth as well as the seemingly hereditary ability of farting flowers and pixie dust, sunshine in North Korean now only occurs when it leaks from his glorious asshole (that is when lightning isn't coming out of it to consume his enemies).
Nothing much is actually known about his origins as well, but I suppose we already get the picture.

Kim Jong un has wasted little time in stepping directly into his 'father's' shoes by initiating yet another North Korean threat to its neighbors by sinking a South Korean battleship, attacking South Korean islands and massing weaponry along their borders. This came in conjunction with tightening his grip on an already starving, poverty stricken and enslaved population, and effectively telling the rest of the world it can kiss his ass because he now has the A-bomb.
Thus he is promising all sorts of other interesting 'Kim' style nastiness if we don't get with his program.

This development more than lets us, the North Korean Clone Dictator aware know that indeed, the soul transfer from newer old 'Kim' to younger 'Kim' has in fact already taken place. This more than likely happened shortly after Kim Jong il suffering a major stroke recently, giving a ready excuse and excellent cover story for the final transfer to the new 'Kim' body of the Leader's spirit while the body of Kim Jong il is yet alive, only a good bit more vegetative. To those in the know, this misdirection is absolutely transparent; there is no soul now in the body of Kim Jong il.
There is no other explanation for it,
'Kim' the Eternal Leader of the North Koreans lives again, and inhabits a clone.

Now it's too late, failure to notice this most obvious of deceptions just insured yet more oppression, militarization, neighbor attacking, leader worshiping, brainwashing, no street light having, nuclear weapons development and starving in North Korea.
Apparently 'Kim's' ride isn't quite over yet.
One thing we must ask ourselves is whether despite his entertainment value we can stomach anyone this evil to run a country not just once, but for three lifetimes?
Another is this; What about his clone army?