Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a punk band from southern California. They started in 1980 and have been making albums steadily since 1988 with their scene-saving album Suffer. Many credit them with saving the punk scene of California.

Everyone looked like a stoned kid once. Pic circa 1980

Bad Religion is not just a catchy name.

Brooks Wackerman, an awesome drummer in possession of the most awesome drummer name.

Just The Facts

  1. They have used words like ameliorate, adjudicate, and susurrations in their songs.
  2. I have to get a dictionary every time they come out with a new album to look up words like those
  3. I'm pretty sure you would too.
  4. Greg Graffin has a Phd at from Cornell and teaches for 10 weeks a year at UCLA
  5. Does your favorite band have a man with a Phd in it?

Early Years

Bad Religion formed in 1980 in California. They quickly put out a self-titled Ep and gained a small local following. Next came their first full length album titled How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, released in '82. Both of these are very rough and low quality, but that's what you can afford when you're 19 years old. In spite of this, there are some fan favorites from these early albums; Fuck Armageddon.... This Is Hell and We're Only Gonna Die of Our Arrogance, though I like Damned to be Free. What came next were a couple more EPs titled Into the Unknown, which was a prog rock experiment that was universally hated, even by the band. Greg Hetson, then a member of the Circle Jerks, Is reported to have said about the fans, "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. Then next EP was a return to punk rock which everyone was thankful for.


This album is so important it deserves it's own section. After a few drummer changes (seriously, they go through them like a business man goes through coke) the band more or less reformed after a few years off doing their own thing and made this hallmark of intelligent punkness. The writing is top quality and is the first of their amazing intellectual and sometimes poetic lyrics. So chill you sidewalk cipher and stfu with your prionic jive. Yes, all those big words are used, all in the same song titled Give You Nothing, an awesome song for it's lyrics, kickass baseline and tempo. Other major songs are the title track, Suffer with it's chorus of, "The masses of humanity will always have to suffer.", Delirium of Disorder, which sounds like an acid trip at the beginning, and Forbidden Beat, a song that is either about masturbation or heroin, just google the lyrics if you want to figure it out. This massively awesome record was released in 1988 by Epitaph, a record company created by their guitarist, Brett Gurewitz, now know as Mr. Brett. Suffer is also known sarcastically as the first of the "Holy Trinity" of Bad Religion CD's

The Holy Trinity

Suffer, No Control, and Against the Grain. Three albums all put out within two years. With so much writing being done is such a short time you might think the quality would suffer. You would be wrong. Just listen to the title tracks of these three and you will see that there was no decline in writing quality. MORE TO COME I AM A VERY STREAKY WRITER.