Black Eye Peas

Between the well-known hip hop band, the restaurant, and the food dish, Black Eye Peas are popular in web searches and more. However, if you were stuck on a deserted island, which one of the "Black Eye Peas" would you pick?

The Band

The Restaurant

The Food

Just The Facts

  1. "The Black Eyed Peas" were first assembled in 1995 in Los Angeles, California.
  2. Fergie was under contract with the band "Eden's Crush" before she joined "Black Eyed Peas"
  3. Black-eyed peas is grown in several parts of Asia.
  4. Black-eyed peas are known to bring "luck" into someone's life.
  5. The restaurant, Black Eyed Peas, is located in a few states, two of them being Texas and Colorado.

Which Black Eyed Peas would you choose to be stuck with on a deserted island?

Picture this. You're floating on the Pacific on your little rowboat and the weather is absolutely perfect. All of the sudden, a storm approaches and your little boat just wasn't able to handle all of those waves. After a huge one, your boat is in pieces and you have no choice but to swim to the nearest piece of land.

You get to a little island after maybe fifteen minutes of swimming and it's pitch black outside. You resort to just passing out on the beach, since you're completely exhausted from all that swimming and suspense. When you wake up, it's a new day. The weather is nice again and you think to yourself, how the hell am I going to get home? You look all around you and there is not a human in sight. There are a few trees, some bushes, and sand all around.

Suddenly, a genie approaches you. He's not like any other genie though. He doesn't just give you three wishes. Instead, he has you choose out of three things and whatever you choose will appear on the deserted island with you.

-The hip hop band, The Black Eyed Peas

-The restaurant, The Black Eyed Pea

-And the food dish, Black-Eyed Peas

The most obvious choice would have to be the restaurant- so you would have more of a food supply and be able to actually survive for a week or more. It may be a restaurant and all; however, there are no waiters or cooks in the restaurant so you are responsible of cooking and serving everything yourself. Also, the food supply will run out eventually so you would have to limit your portions for however long you are on the island.

There is also the actual food itself- Black-Eyed Peas. Like what was said in "Just the Facts", it is known to bring "luck" to whomever that eats it. You could pick this and have maybe just a chance that once you eat some, luck will be brought. An airplane can fly by and see you or maybe even a boat had seen you crash and went over to rescue you. Or not. To some, luck doesn't exist and is only for the superstitious.

And then there's the hip hop band. Why would you choose this over food? I have no clue. However, they are actual human beings and can give you not only entertainment, but comfort as well. You wouldn't have to go crazy and just start hallucinating other living beings; you would have the company of The Black Eyed Peas. HOWEVER- maybe hallucinating wouldn't be so bad? Wouldn't it be better than to hear songs from the past made into hip hop versions? That shit could make you go crazy too.

The Possible Outcomes

You chose the restaurant.

So, let's say you you chose the restaurant. It goes good for a while, and maybe you even invited a few of your own recipes. You think to yourself- hey. Maybe once someone rescues me, I'll open up my own restaurant. After a few weeks of cooking and serving food for yourself, you get used to the whole eating by yourself thing. Being the only one in the restaurant has its advantages. You are able to fart at the table, table manners don't really matter anymore, and you can even sing to yourself too. All good things have to come to an end though. Your food supply runs out because you just used too many ingredients for your new invented dishes. At first, you try out fishing but that fails quickly, since the only tools you have to catch fish would be pots, pans, and your hands. You then resort to eating leaves and bugs you found around the island. The taste just doesn't compare though and you eventually starve yourself because you had spoiled your taste buds too much in the past weeks.

You chose the food.

Either you were just superstitious or you actually enjoy eating only black-eyed peas. It goes good for a while. Yeah, it may not be the most exciting diet, but it worked. You don't have a mass quantity of the beans, but you have enough to last you for maybe a month if you limit your portions. Eating only black-eyed peas can boost up your metabolism and increase your bowel movement. You think to youself- you know. I never really ate that healthy before but it actually makes me feel better about myself. You start becoming active. You run around the island, maybe do a few push ups, but it all becomes boring after a while. After that month was finally past, you run out. That is the moment when you realize that black eyed peas are supposed to give you luck. You try out fishing but nothing you made to substitute a fishing pole worked. Then, you start wishing for things to happen- for someone to see you and come rescue you but nobody comes. You're stuck. And sooner or late, you will die.

You chose the band.

This would have been my last choice, but you decided to go with it anyway. It goes good at first. You sit and listen to them perform, maybe munch on a few leaves and bugs you found around the island, and you think- this isn't so bad. And hey- maybe once I'm rescued, The Black-Eyed Peas would ask me to join their band or maybe at least give me some autographed pictures I can sell. After a while, their performances became more and more dull and you start going crazy. It's like when you listen to a song or a CD over and over again and then after that, you just can't take it anymore and you stop listening to it. That is exactly what will happen, except you are in more crazy situation. Instead of just pressing the stop or pause button, you resort to just killing the band. That way- your ears are cleansed from listening to bad music AND your food supply just multiplied. Other than the fact that cannibalism is just wrong, this would probably be the worst outcome of them all. Once you are rescued, people would see and now know you as the person who killed The Black Eyed Peas. Sure, you would be famous, but definitely, for the wrong reasons.


Who or what would you choose?