The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way- First off if this Warrior wanted his way in the first place he would of had better luck at burger king. This happens too be a fighting ninja film produced in 2010, that had consisted of many actors we do not care too watch!!

This has too be the most EMO-Chinese guy i have ever seen.. No joke!

I Never thought a girl with a knife would look so hot. Bring it on babyy!!

Just The Facts

  1. It got like a 4.5 rating out of 10. ( HoLy ShIt Does Not Surprise Me)
  2. It was somehow ranked in the top 10 on the weekend charts.


I believe this is one of those movies I will not take the time to ever watch again. I thought this was one of the most corny ninja movies i have ever seen. They could of at least used Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan i mean come one lets be real with our selves. Any one interested ever in watching this just give up its totally not worth it. Save your time and money and reverse it. Please Sngmoo quit making such crappy films we the PEOPLE are not interested in.