Wind: It hates you

Just A Few Examples

Just The Facts

  1. Wind will fuck your shit
  2. Wind likes to show up when you don't want it but won't show up when you need it
  3. Don't piss into it

Why Wind Blows

Picture This: You're headed out to pickup a hot date. Your hair is looking good, you have your nicest outfit on, you are looking the best you have in years.

Suddenly the wind picks up. Your hair is blown all over the place; your finely pressed clothes suddenly look wrinkled and filthy. Specks of dirt splatter your clothes, dust flies into your eyes, and suddenly you have leaves sticking all over you.

That's just how wind works. You having a picnic? Bye bye picnic blanket. Reading a book outside? Wind likes to turn the page before you're done. Protecting yourself with an umbrella? Fuck that! Wind turns that shit inside out.

It's hard to escape the wind. Even if you go inside, sometimes wind likes to blow your satellite out of alignment, mess with your cable, or just straight up knock out your power.

Can Wind Be Helpful?

So sometimes we can use wind for our own gains right? Maybe if it wasn't such a dick.

Going sailing? That's nice, until the wind just dies and leaves you in the middle of a lake.

Wind Turbine Electrcity? Great, unless the wind decides not to blow for a week, or blow so damn hard that it literally blows that shit up (check video below for evidence of this)

Wind will always show up when you don't need it, or stay the fuck away when you need it most.

There is, however, one positive side to wind: