Ahh, nukes. The ultimate destroyer. The destroyer of worlds. The uh...destroyer uhh. Look just trust me, it destroys the fuck out of things.

This shit could blow you up forty times over, and then some.

Just The Facts

  1. The largest nuke to be detonated was Tsar Bomba.
  2. There are two types of nukes: Gun type and Implosion type.
  3. They are scientifically proven to fuck shit up.

Holy Balls

As i said before nukes will fuck your shit up! Dont believe me? Watch this:

Or this:

Or maybe La Tsar Bomba:

Seriously, that will fuck your shit up. It-it's so beautiful and yet so powerful. You couldn't even escape if you wanted to! Fuck man, who needs this much power?

oh yeah.

Nuke Substitution

1. Pressurized explosions: 1

Have you ever left a soda i the freezer before work, only to come back home with your freezer a mess?

Well congratulations you qualify as a retard! Oh and thats also a high pressure explosion. See what happens is that the soda starts expanding because the water in the soda expands as it gets cold. It expands so much, until the can of soda can no longer take it, and it therefore explodes. Sort of.

Other examples:

  • A hot water heater exploding.
  • A fire extinguisher exploding in a fire. (Ironic)

Overall: Fuck pressurized explosions.

2. Chemical explosions: 4

Okay, chemical explosions are pretty fucking cool. Like the badger of the explosion kingdom. I say badger because the don't have to be big to fuck your shit up. Bad. Like face melting bad.

Like this.

Fortunately they aren't common but when they do, oh boy, they make sure you know:

Other examples:

  • A meth lab exploding due to a wrong mix of chemicals.
  • Mixing baking soda and vinegar.

Overall: Ehh, not bad.

3. High energy explosions: 7

Ahh finally, high energy explosions. If there's anything that could even remotely compare to a nuke it would be TNT or C4 or Tannerite. I mean they compare a nukes strength to TNT, although you need a shitfuck of it to make the effect.

Like this, but a lot more.

Now you see why this is the closest thing possible to a nuke, right?

Other examples:

  • A firecracker exploding.
  • A bullet being fired.

Overall: Pretty damn cool.

Nuclear Fallout

Okay, so you survived the initial explosion, so you should be good. Right? Hell no. You have to deal with the left-over radiation. The fallout. And unless your ass likes radiation poisoning, your screwed.