Orlando Bloom

Orlando bloom, actor, is best know for his ability to be British and his ability to acclimatise to his role in no way what so ever.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando has meticulously honed his acting abilities throughout the course of these movies

Just The Facts

  1. Orlando Bloom was born Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom, which makes his name in no way less absurd.
  2. He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama of which previous alumni include Dido, Guy Chambers and Satan.
  3. He can speak French - "Je ne suis pas Johnny Depp, maintenant fuck off"

Cracked On Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom was brought into the world on January 13th 1977, in Canterbury, England he developed a keen interest in being an actor at a young age . With his mothers inability to crush his dream, he starred in various theatre productions such as "The Seagull" and "Trojan Women", winning over audiences with his unique sense of looking like someone just killed a puppy right infront of him.

That poor dog
never had a chance

Just after graduating from drama school he hit the big time in the film Lord of the Rings, gathering critical acclaim and huge box office success for playing the role of himself but with a long blonde wig and a sword.

He began getting numerous offers to act in a multitude of films for most of which he implements 'the Orlando Bloom look', similar to blue steel but seemingly done by someone suffering from amnesia. As in Black Hawk Down, even in the midst of war he still conveys a man trying to figure out where he left his keys.

Im sure I had them when I left the house

Im sure i had them when i left the house

With his modest nature and skilled talent at speaking french he has gathered vast amount of attention from women, as well as those who are actually fans of his work. Here is one such fan attempting to enthusiastically delve into his role in Garden State Elizabethtown, while Bloom attempts not to eat his own face from boredom.