-under construction- Shrimp are like mini-lobsters with 4 claws. People eat them in cocktail sauce, and they have also accidentally acquired multiple significance.

For the Mantis Shrimp, every day is Chinese New Year.

Just The Facts

  1. Shrimp are small aqueous decapods, similar to crayfish and prawn.
  2. All of which are eaten by humans, and other species.
  3. Some kinds of shrimp look so fucking weird that you would never put them in your mouth.
  4. Yes, there will be pictures.
  5. People also acribe unusual significance to shrimp, though there appears to be no actual reason for this.

The Crappy Life Of Regular Shrimp

For regular shrimp, life must suck. There is nothing for them to eat except whatever falls to the bottom, and almost everything wants to eat them. It's easy because they are so little and shrimpy.

Besides human fishermen catching them by the hundreds, plenty of fish eat them, as well as animals like raccoons and flamingos (who actually get their pink coloring from the pigment in the shrimp they eat). Whether they try to hide at the bottom or swim up to the shore they are kind of fucked either way because someone or something is probably waiting there to eat them.

Pimp My Shrimp

Other species of shrimp are fucking weird looking. Really. We know you might not believe us, so we're going to show you. They're weird as hell. These are the most pimped up shrimp in the ocean...

They look like "Blue Cthulu Shrimp" to us, but we have no idea what they are.

A Hawaii Shrimp with some bright red lipstick and gloves.

A Pistol Shrimp ready to gat some fool with his supersonic claw shooter.

Another Pistol Shrimp, this one with an even higher caliber claw.

The Meaning Of Shrimp

Through history, humanity has ascribed special significance to various animals. Usually there is a good sensible reason for this, but not always. In the case of shrimp, there may be over a dozen reasons, and not a single one is particularly sensible or meaningful.

Let's examine a brief history of Shrimp References...

Repo Man

Deep Cover