Modern chivalry involves men being intensely courteous and flattering toward women.

Just The Facts

  1. People who claim that chivalry is dead are mistaking it for Patrick Swayze.
  2. The act of engaging in chivalry is also known as being a "knight in shining armor", which is also known as being a "white knight", which is also what the militant faction of the KKK called itself. Chivalry, therefore, is some pretty racist shit.
  3. Women are divided on the issue of chivalry. Some see it as demeaning and disrespectful to their entire gender, whereas others quite enjoy it. It's a bit like Cher in that way.

What is Chivalry?

This article is going to discuss the issue of chivalry within the context of those more detailed understandings of the term.

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Chivalry and Society

Society, by in large, agrees with chivalry as a noble endeavour.